Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Said No!

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  1. You guys are still on about this ? Who won the argument?

    Happy New year ya’ll

  2. 1) Miss is a dood
    2) Your first mistake, hapless Flames and other newbs was pointing out the obvious to one of the resident bottom dwellers on boards here. Trolls have very little to live for in life so they must protect their pathetic tiny corner of the interwebs with a ferocity usually reserved for pedos and their candy stash.
    3) Miss and you guys defending him saying “Me and my buddies we so smart we look up words from our SAT vocab book like diacrtitics everday! Y U guys no smart like us?” Jebus what a bunch of pretentious fuckwads. TotheFlames original observation is correct and thats what normal non douchey people who dont live on the comments pages of a LULZ website think.
    4) I think Miss was purposely using “high brow syntax” as part of the satire of his comment. “Diacritics” “legally compelled” etc were used exactly bc they are NOT everday speech. The atttempt at humor seem to have gone over everyones heads, including his sycophants. Jokes on you beechnuts!!

  3. ^ I know what genitalia I’m sitting on here, and frankly the contents of my undercrackers has never been subject to such completely erroneous speculation. I would be flattered if it wasn’t a bit fucking creepy. Like it even matters to anyone but me?
    Or are you all so deeply ingrained in your pathetic middle-class sexism that you simply *must* know a person’s gender before your poor cerebellums can formulate an adequate response to my stimuli?
    And, punkinchunkin, what makes you think I was fucking joking? For the record – and I know stupid fucks like you have a hard time trying to get your heads around this concept – Me. not. from. your. country. Me. no. have. ‘SAT vocab book’. Stupid ethnocentric seppo cunt.

  4. ^ well what are you packing, a ham wallet, or a lap rocket ?

  5. ^your poor, poor cerebellum =(
    what was it? foetal alcohol syndrome?

  6. No, I have a nice looking face. Let’s keep guessing

  7. Seriously, before I have to go and dictionary stuff, can we just get back to talking about cock?

  8. MsAnneThrope, I can’t speak for everybody, but when I fantasize about you whispering sharp somethings to me while I nervously try to shove my half-erect button mushroom into your fairy ring, it would be nice to know if I would have to look you in the eyes while I apologize.

  9. I don’t know whether to be astonished because someone actually used the term ‘fairy hole’ whilst not-at-all-propositioning me online, or to be astounded that they somehow thought themselves worthy of eye-contact(!) or to just be flat-out fucking gob-smacked about size of the pair of testicles you must be swinging around to dare even dream of penetration with me, Walter Sobchak.

    It would never work.

  10. …but we could go camping? You’d get to hang out with some nature and wildlife and stuff, it’d be great.

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