Wednesday, December 28, 2011

You Win!

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  2. Why Macaulay Culkin turned out the way he did? You mean banging Mila Kunis for several years? Seems like he turned out okay to me.

  3. Yea, right after he was fondled by Michael Jackson

  4. And he was a drug addict at one point, arrested in Oklahoma for possession of multiple substances…yep…turned out to be quite the role model

  5. Suddenly, Michael Jackson

  6. gary is pathetic. he should be first with his back against the wall when the revolution comes.
    what a prick.

  7. Agreed. Banging mila kunis, I could accept my previous history of being molested & arrested, if i had a minute inside of her.

  8. Man the “full ride” joke was legitimately funny

  9. Too bad I don’t give half a bleeding lamb’s shit about Penn wahatever

  10. *Crapfest

  11. ToTheFlames, what is the point of 1 minute inside of a chick?

  12. Probably a really small one.

    badum tss

  13. Bacchante, he’s telling us he’s a virgin and has never actually touched a living human woman.

  14. Penn State jokes are humorous if you’re a sports fan.

  15. Ah, well maybe someone should tell him that 1 minute of sex is fucking annoying and he’s liable to get stabbed… Never mind, surprises are more fun.

  16. Wow, Flames, your previous comments led me to believe you are a mother’s-basement-dwelling-action-figure-wanker but the ‘one minute’ comment really seals the deal.

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