Monday, November 22, 2010

That’s What Friends are for…

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  1. STEVER!

  2. Sounds like Vincent needs to get laid.

  3. Wait wait wait….could it be, Vincent= our very own vincent?

  4. That’s what you get for posting a vague “poor me” status to bait your friends into saying, “Awwwww poor baby what’s wrong??”

  5. idontknow….I was going to say the same thing but came to my conclusion. Good work. 😀

  6. Is something wrong with his dick??

  7. I love Vincent’s friends 🙂

  8. sexclamationpoint56

    man i have friends like that and that’s why i dont post vague statuses and if i do i make sure there’s no way it can be related to my dick. but hey vincent i heard that extenze works like a charm for ur penile issues lol and stool softeners are the way to go if ur constipated

  9. vinny’s friends are insensitive idiots with poor English skills. vinny could be having a very serious problem. It might even involve his soul’s morasses.

  10. I completely agree, Walter. However, I tend to worry about me having lessasses.

  11. ‘soul’s morasses’ … I remember that. Still don’t know what it means because when I heard it there was this super wind going on.

  12. haha! vincent posted a vague status to elicit sympathy from his friends and instead got a variety of penis and poop related comments. very mature and well-done.

  13. I like Vincent and his friends

  14. Sounds like my friends. That’s why I lol’d.

    Walter, I’m going down the same idea path as geni with the whole “morasses” thing: “Well, if Vincent’s dick worked, he’d be GETTING morasses…”

  15. The laxatives are a genius idea. I always get a raging stiffy whenever I poo, so as long as Vincent’s girl is game for the blumpkin, he should be good to go.

  16. Vincent is a new age caring, sharing, male who likes to share his emotions with those who are nearest and dearest to him.

    The type of prick who cries about the unfairness of it all when he’s thrashing one out with a finger up his bum…the big soft cunt.

  17. Well what the hell? We never find out what was going on with Vince’s schlong?

  18. sexclamationpoint56

    @soup: really dude? cuz u should go on that site, seriously it’s pretty hilarious, there’s one video where the dude is takin a crap and the chick totally gives him head and shit while he’s on the toilet. it’s pretty classy on her part if u ask me. o and if u like that there’s this other video of this black guy gettin head and after he gets off he eats a cheeseburger. seriously awesome

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