Monday, November 22, 2010

In the Key of Wrong

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  1. What’s so special about the kid and the semi???

  2. All I can guess is it’s a reference to Madeleine McCann but I’m not sure about that one…

  3. I really don’t get the first one.

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Wallace says the little girl is riding a dike.

  5. I quite enjoy riding dikes myself.

  6. Shenae is the wynd baneeth my wengs.

  7. Eileen love, he mustn’t be doing it right 😉

  8. Maddie, atta girl! You have to start young, to fine tune the art of riding dikes. (Also, I thought it was dykes?)

    Sounds like Eileen had a bit too much dick, and that’s what’s causing the not feeling well part. She just needs to keep in mind, that fucking while preggy can get the fetus pregnant as well. 😀

    Lastly, dear Shenae…ah damn, I got nothing for you. Run along, now, lest you be forced to red.

  9. You need to up your dose, Keona. Or lower it.

  10. nexus, what are you talking about?

  11. next

  12. Shenae, please allow me the honor of being the father to your first abortion.

  13. Hahaha, soup..

  14. Keona, I think nexus is implying you sound cuckoo. That’s just a wild guess, but.

  15. You can easily tell Maddie likes to drink from the furry cup, eat the fur-burger and lick the lesbo stamp because of her masculine haircut and butch body.

  16. The girl is already wearing birkinstocks! Isn’t that the official shoe of lesbians?

  17. #zigs thanks for clearing that up. Although, I don’t see how in the hell my comment pointed towards being cuckoo. He/ she probably missed the joke.

    Maddie’s shoes are atrocious. Perhaps that sounds more sane.

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