Thursday, June 16, 2011

Share’n and Scare’n

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  1. First…. ohhh yeeeea!

  2. That Jantelle kfcgold chick is a fake person. You can find her pretty easily.

  3. Jantell scares me… every single time.

  4. Hey Gigi, how about getting… a MAN? What a novel concept!

  5. Gigi sounds like she has a few fun partners. Sounds like throwingtofu is a jealous virgin.

  6. Even with a partner, toys can be fun. Variety is good.

  7. I … what? She thinks she can jump-start her period by sticking a razor in her bajingo? I don’t even know what to say to that … that is 31 flavors of fail.

  8. Sounds like ratfink is an irritating troll. 80% of what Gigi mentioned can be used solo.

  9. throwingtofu… ratfink just doesn’t know that some guys actually please a woman. ;]

  10. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Han Solo. (cross topic commenting is going to get big in 2011)

  11. While it is puritanical to suggest that using toys is bad or that toys cannot be used with a partner, anyone that thinks that the amount of toys that Gigi has indicates anything other than a severely debilitating sex addition is deluding himself.

  12. *addiction

  13. *sex addition* made great sense too, hamhocks. ;]

  14. While I’m not quite in Gigi’s league, I too have quite an array of sex toys. Some I’ve bought for myself, and others were gifts from various partners over the years. Just because she has so many doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy sex with a partner or that she has a sex addiction. Toys aren’t something that you can “test-drive” or return, so once you’ve bought an item its yours to keep whether you like it or not. Maybe she’s like me and hates throwing out something that she just spent $80 on or a gift she was given, even if she does not like it at all. And every person who has received sex toys as a gift will tell you that eventually you’re going to get a few pairs of wildly impractical and uncomfortable handcuffs.

  15. Also, I love how everyone is barely commenting on the first girl’s plan on giving her self what I’m assuming is a home abortion? Unless she really is a stupid as she sounds and just wants to make herself bleed so she can have her “period”.

  16. If Jantelle is for real, she should never reproduce.

  17. I’m pretty certain Jantelle is just some troll who found that photo and thought it’d be funny to do the rest of the shit we’ve seen.

  18. I wish Lamebook would stop posting the stupid, fake Jantelle crap.

  19. what are you talking about. jantelle is the funniest shit ever made public. i seriously piss myself everytime reading her page

  20. caroline, thanks for pointing out the obvious to these little boys. also, I didn’t even want to comment on the first one, because I just figured it’d be best to let nature take its course with that one.

    out b4 virgins tell me to make them a sammich, lol~

  21. Manybellsdown, you have just made me spray English Breakfast tea across the screen of my iPod touch!

  22. I bet hamhocknbeans would be first in line to try to date Gigi, ie, “Ham does protest too much, methinks” (from Hamlet, apologies to Shakespeare).

  23. jantelle has to be a fake account run by some racist guy. If not, then everyone should apologize to Bill Cosby who was right, the black community is in trouble and has shitty role models.

  24. Kentucky Fried Chicken Gold??.. sounds like Sirbutlust was right. BTW.. reading your name aloud makes me laugh.

  25. Bitches be hatin jantelle. nah u right itz be fakz

  26. I think a simple answer to the problem of Gigi is that there are too damn many sex toys for women (90% of whom could get laid whenever they wanted to if they just were in it for the sex) and that there should be more variety for guys. If you’re a guy and you don’t want to spend $80+ on a Fleshlight or Tenga Fliphole, your options are really really limited.

  27. Her vibrator-name suits her. I have a ‘Gigi’ vibrator in my nightstand. Just one though.

  28. I can’t believe you people have never heard of Jantelle. Of course she’s a fake, you morons.

  29. @stomabeutel – In honour of Susan and Gigi, Hands Solo?

  30. lol @niobium, I have a a GiGi as well.

    @gwoodard8, I don’t necessarily agree with you. While it may be easy for a girl to find a partner, there is also a reason that %75 of women have never climaxed with a partner. It just takes women a bit more to get to that point, and more often than not it’s easiest to get yourself there rather than find someone up to the task. I do agree that there aren’t very many options for heterosexual men though. On the bright side though, a man will climax 8.7 times out of every ten times he has sexual intercourse; your odds are better than mine lol.

  31. vaginalroundhouse

    You’re all a bunch of turds

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