Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Translation? Anyone?


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  1. oh God.

  2. Wow, a 93 Cadillac. How cool are you.

  3. I was enjoying a blow job from a member of the opposite sex. I must inform you that it was very enjoyable and will set me straight for a number of years. You people should get ready because I am going to cause a number of black people to hate me this summer. Please gather your money and pass it my way, as we do not count money, we simply spend it. Also, what do you suggest for an automobile purchase this summer.

  4. how does this not break the lameter entirely

  5. somebody please purge the world of this douche-bag of all douche-bags.

  6. The transmission of herps is what makes bjs feel soooo goooood.

  7. Herpfest, not funny, annoying

  8. I disagree.

  9. “yeah”, the end isn’t asking, it says wait until everyone sees the car.

  10. I think the proper term for head aka blowjob is oral coitus

  11. i am only here to say that i love the fact that someone is now calling themselves ‘ratcoon.’ that may have been the funniest entry of all.

  12. Actually, the proper term for “head” or “blowjob” is “fellatio”

  13. Blumpkins4Mccain

    i think Everyone is a pretty cool guy. eh tells it like it is and doesn’t afraid of anything.

  14. His picture is understandably (so he doesn’t get his ass beat) obscured, but, I bet he is a scrawny white kid who still lives with his parents in an upper-middle class neighborhood.

  15. dude, speak english….Nigga

  16. Get yall bread up yall!!!!!

  17. People like this make me use faith in the human race.

  18. Actually, getting a lick means he came into a large amount of money, usually from robbing someone, i.e. him getting a new car.

  19. Allie: It makes you use faith? I think if you really were that upset, you’d probably LOSE faith.

  20. It’s probably a quotation of some lyric from some douchebag rap song, and that makes it ten times lamer.

  21. das a song ma

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