Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tell Him, Obviously


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  1. I don’t think it’s sooooo funny or obvious to Steve.
    I think he’s gonna do a runner.

  2. Hahahahahaha! You’re pregnant!…, I don’t get it, Jamie has a bizarre sense of humour. I wonder if Steve is even with this girl or just finally sobered up from a week long binge…

  3. …and that’s the last Stephanie will ever hear of Steve ever again.

  4. Stephanie is Steves wife who have with him 3 childs yet, obviously ;o)

  5. Ops I was wrong, I mean Jamie, now Stephanie. My mistake. ;o)

  6. * “not” not “now”. Shit.

  7. I shur hope Steve has a good lawyer…

  8. I love Jamie saying “that’s soooo funny”. Em… no, it is not funny.

  9. Methinks Jamie has a sadistic sense of humor. And Jamie seems like one of those girls who gets pregnant on purpose to keep the guy around. Or maybe even lies about it.

    I also think it’s funny how Jamie has to ask who the dad is, even though it’s OBVIOUSLY Steve.

  10. And by Jamie seeming like the kind of girl who gets pregnant on purpose, I definitely meant Stephanie.

  11. I like turtles.

  12. why is there a ‘dislike button’ there? do they have that in facebook now?

  13. This is nothing more than a good joke. Thank-you Lamebook for the LOLs.

  14. because you can download this ad-on thing that allows you to dislike posts. i’ve got it and it worked at the start, but now it doesn’t do anything. grrr
    but it’s not actually made facebook, just someone else did it. facebook has to officially do it!

  15. If Steve wants you to abort the pregnancy then don’t waste the meat. I know a guy that makes a good baby curry!

  16. I hear tell there are two new ways to make curry in your room.

  17. The thing I like best about this is that Steve’s response clearly shows that this is the first he’s heard of his girlfriend/wife’s pregnancy. Facebook is the best way to share this kind of news. That’s why when I die, I’m going to have my friends change my status to “is dead”.

  18. Let’s wait for the hellfire that surely will ensue after Steve bolts from michelle without looking back, and we’re left with a pregnant unwed teenager whining about it on facebook.

    What a way to find out you’re going to be a dad. Nice one Michelle.

  19. @ KAOSS.. Who’s Michelle??

  20. BAhahaha
    Where the hell DID I get Michelle from?
    I meant stephanie

    *facepalms herself


  21. why does she have a freakin dislike button? did anyone else notice that?

  22. you can get an application to add a dislike button. only people who also have the application can see it.
    or that is how ui understand it to work.

  23. Stephanie better make sure to not be standing on any stairs around Steve.

  24. When it comes to Steve Jr., Steve, you ARE the father!

  25. Steve – coming soon to a town near you.

  26. I suspect the Steve who made the comment is not the Steve who is the father, and he knows it. He’s probably just making a joke by pretending to think he’s the father.

    It’s a common name, after all – many of us will have more than one Steve in our Facebook friends.

  27. I agree tuckin.

    BTW, does anyone else notice the dislike button? Those annoying groups actually work?

  28. Am I the only one amused that, on a site where we make fun of stupid people, we have 3 different people posting “Did you see the ‘dislike’ button?” long after the previous mention has been posted?

    Perhaps the judges aren’t so different from the convicts…


    Not really.

  30. AbsoluteBeginners

    PlatyPius is right.

    It really sucks when people posts without reading what others wrote, and when there is only 30 comments or so, it gets very annoying.

    Stephanie is my hero, telling everyone on facebook she is pregnant with a Dislike option.

  31. hey did any of you notice the “dislike” button??? lol….oh, all of you did…oh….nevermind…..

  32. @tuckin: I agree, except I don’t have a Steve in my FB contact list.

    WOAH! A Dislike button! How fucking cool is that!? Did anyone else notice that?? on then!

  33. lol steve… (i agree with tuckin but its still funny)


    Um, no.

  35. Facebook: soothing the pain of unwanted pregnancies since ’06

  36. looooooooooooooooooool
    steve ftw!

  37. lol, Steve is busy posting his entry on FML!

    I agree with other posters (probably not THE steve that answered but some other quickwitted Steve) but i still find it chuckleworthy.

  38. lofuckingl

  39. Stephanie doesn’t seem too worried about the whole, you know, unplanned baby business. On theee other hand- Jamie, shurly, this isn’t much of a funny situation? How would you like it if yo baby ‘dady’ was currently planning the ol’ push’er down some kind of hard elevated surface and DIE BABY DIE. please.

    I totally agree, I doubt that this Steve is the father Stephanie’s talking about. You’re a King Steve, a quickwitted King.

    And I’m not gonna be lame enough to act all ‘Omg is that a dislike button? Should I like act all smart and mention it? Omg err everyone already noticed. Hah silly mee’

    much love

  40. malteser, don’t call Jamie Shirley.

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