Saturday, December 26, 2009

Weekend Wins




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  1. I like turtles.

  2. Aaron is right on the money. Listen to him Kelsi. on.

  3. As a graduate of Central Michigan, I can confirm that Eastern Michigan is an absolute piece of shit school that no one can ever be proud of attending… and I say that not as a divisional “rival”, but also a resident of Michigan.

  4. People like Kelsi should have their fingers broken until they learn to type like a normal human being.

  5. Gee, ya think? I wonder if that’s Aaron Dunn?

  6. I hate girls like Kelsi….first, for the reason that TylerDurden mentions; and second because how stupid of a girl are you that you have to ask a question like that? Oh why oh why are all you boys always lying to us, telling us you love us and building us up only to let us down? Why? What could your ulterior motive possibly be? Come on Kelsi! I refuse to believe you’re that naive….and if you you are then you deserve to get your heart stomped on a few times until you learn. If a 12 year old can figure it out, I would think you could too.

  7. Kelsi – another girl who needs a good kick in the tits.

  8. Kelsi – “To all the girls I know, why do you believe the bullshit lines guys come up with just to get in your pants when you know you won’t be with them in the end? Is your self esteem that low or do you just need to get laid that badly you’ll take any guy who can memorize a couple of lines from Twilight?”

    I rest my case.

  9. I like Kelsi’s friend Keyanna. That’s wisdom right there. Even if girls are dumb enough to fall for the boy’s song and dance, it’s in the past now. Let gooo, forgive, live, love, be happy.

  10. Best comment ever there, Jenivere. Lines from Twilight, lmao.

  11. mahesh is gay

  12. Mahesh is frodo.

  13. Aaron is a genius.

  14. aaron..

  15. Mahesh is my boyfriend.

  16. omg omg omg nauroze is an ignorant dumbass who can’t spell.
    and so is kelsi. and she also needs to stop being a dumb bitch, asking “guys” why they do these things. i am a guy, and i’ve never done this. and i know plenty of girls who do. i’m sick and tired of all this sexist bullshit.

  17. Aaron FTW for having such a great perspective on life. Good on ya lad!!
    Gregg maybe you should tutor the monkey so he may use proper English.

  18. Always wondered what happened to the karate kid

  19. Aaron FTMFW.

  20. Karate Kid works at Cum-N-Go. He’s addicted to meth, crack, and sexplay with feral raccoons.

  21. Some days I’d be in the mood to make a little off-colour remark about names like Nauroze and Keyanna… but Keyanna’s comment is so brilliant, I have to admit, I’ve never heard of a name more beautiful.

  22. I really think there needs to be a lamebook for lamebook. WTF is running this site? You think a 13 year old saying “omg omg ur a fag” is a win? Get a life. I’d say most of the comments that get put here as “wins” are just crude and stupid, not clever at all. Wins have to be clever.

    Gregg, on the other hand, is definitely FTW.

  23. @haircut74: aint sexist. Men are programmed to behave like that to get as much minge as possible

    Try it. It’s so bad, but feels so good.

    New Karate Kid movie… We can make the ‘karate kid wax off’ gags again.

  24. Desmond reminds me of a rock I once met…

  25. @PlatyPius – *Kum-N-Go. Potty mouth 🙂

  26. @ Jake – Remember pet rocks?

  27. Girls do the same exact shit. You can’t date three guys at once and then be pissed off when the same happens to you.

  28. @Mercure: Yes indeedy! Also females are programmed to get as much sausage as they can get. Unfortunately the men have more of an appetite to procreate more frequently, for a longer span of life.

  29. @insane, where the hell did you get that from.

  30. i think aaron is going to do just fine in life.

  31. Hey, stop abusing Kelsi and Keyanna. I mean, with names like that,
    I’m guessing they didn’t have the world’s greatest parents.

  32. @Insane: Actually women are programmed to get the best quality meat (highest status with most resource that will stick around) because the biological costs to them are higher, but men desire quantity, with the filter of quality below that.

    Maybe it’s just Mrs Insane who likes to get as much sausage as she can get… 😉

  33. I like rhymes. I like neutrality. I like Keyanna.

  34. @excitingstuff.: Year 12 Biology. It is inbuilt into every human to procreate to ensure the survival of our species. Men however have more of an urge to have sexual relations because sperm is always created, testes are always getting filled, which is where the unofficial term ‘blue balls’ come from.

    @Mercure: I thought with women it started out as “any handsome sausage carrier will do” and then it pro/regressed into the quality criteria you mentioned? I also hope the new Mrs Insane likes as much of my sausage as she can get 😉

  35. OMFG, too funny. Aaron (the 12 year old) is by far the most mature, articulate and wise one of all the posters highlighted above.

    Gives me renewed hope for our nation’s youth.

  36. istolethisaccount

    LOL i love how i know kelsi and shes talking bout Andrew DarkHope

  37. oh and no i wasnt trying to get in her pants but nice guess Aaron

  38. Christ on a cracker

    Me gusta, me gusta!

  39. Aaron is god.

  40. @39 agreed. kid has got game.

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