Saturday, December 26, 2009

Drunk Jenga



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  1. That’s pretty intense. Now I’m going to try that. B)

  2. Productive.

  3. fakest fake.

  4. How can they both be photo 6 of 6 in the same album? Faaaake.

  5. @bobface maybe they are two different michaels? let’s say michael smith and michael johnson?

  6. ah this reminds me of the good old days. we used to play this all the time. people would be burdened with the nickname of the most outlandish thing they’d suffered themselves to be garlanded with in their catatonic state –

    ‘bike-face’ and ‘oat-crotch’ – you know who you are!

  7. At the rate our brains are degenerating, I’m pretty sure Drunk Stacking will be an official Olympic sport by the year 2030.

  8. @europe_rocks

    Even if there were two different Michaels (with the same length surname), the caption is identical….

  9. I agree with Diva, #3, it looks so fake…

  10. being a victim of this game [the stack touched the ceiling before i woke up. In fact, I woke up the next morning to my roommate digging through the tower for his work shoes] this is very plausible. Passed out drunk people will NOT wake up to getting stacked on.

  11. My favorite part is the coffee table book about coffee tables. :] Happy Festivus!

  12. I showed my nana this site for the first time and she squirted baileys out of her nose. thankyou lamebook for providing me with such a delightful christmas memory.
    nana is now sleeping on the sofa… I really want to play drunk jenga on her – although she just had a hip replacement…. hmmmmm. your thoughts?

  13. love your nana!

  14. I once knew a guy who was covered in shaving foam and toilet paper while asleep – the foam melted off part of his eyebrow. poetic justice really, dude was a twat so only fair he looked like one too. 🙂

  15. i hope ruby is stacking as we speak (type?)…

  16. Whoa… all that AND a bag of chips? [insert rimshot here]

  17. nana’s status: ended up playing popcorn buckaroo. we got to piece 18 – I got a little cocky and placed one atop her permed blue rinse… she woke and it was all over from there my friends. After pounding a chardonnay she’s now asleep in her chair again.
    Go Nana Go!

  18. Look at the floor coverings. I am going to ‘guess’ that they are different Michaels(as previously mentioned).

    @RubyPuppateaux: Now she’s passed out give it another go! Just be careful to not stack alot of weight on her hip area :).

    I remember watching my friend at the time shave a checkerboard into a passed out drunkards leg. Unfortunately he woke up when my friend was nearly finished. Friend ended up having to shave his entire leg.

  19. What’s the deal with the “(with his shoes on)” issue?
    I don’t like it when people leave their shoes on when they sleep on the couch, but judging by the fact that he’s probably a teenage college student, leaving them on may in fact be the safer option.

    And also, I would like to take the time now to say, neither of these people have ‘passed out’. Passing out means they would literally lose consciousness where ever they are standing, and should possibly seek medical attention. Getting drunk and simply falling into a deep sleep does not mean they’ve ‘passed out’ it means they’ve fallen asleep. Shits me so fucking much when people say “yeah I totally got so drunk I passed out” er, no dipshit, it’s called falling asleep.

    End of rant.

  20. Actually, a definition of pass out is “to lose consciousness”. So, falling into a deep, drunken sleep definitely qualifies.

    #1 on there is die. And I’ve never actually heard it used that way. Pass away, yes. Not pass out.

    Nothing on there says it’s a sudden thing that happens wherever you’re standing. If you’re sitting, relaxed, and you lose consciousness and people can’t wake you up, even when they stack furniture on top of you, or throw darts in your ass (sorry, wandering into personal territory there), you’re passed out.

  21. what kaos said despite merriam-webster’s uneducated opinion.

  22. ho hum

  23. KAOSS — the rules of life, as i understand them, stipulate that if someone passes out drunk at a party with their shoes on, their face/body/etc is free game to be fucked with (sharpied, drunk jenga). their shoes prove that they didn’t plan on sleeping there for the night and, therefore, have gotten way drunker than they should be.

  24. Jenga is a game in which you remove bricks from a tower in the hope you don’t make it fall over.

    Buckaroo is a game that involves stacking items on a still object in the hope you don’t ‘disturb’ it and make it move.

    It’s not difficult people.

    It’s fake anyway because Facebook automatically centres all pictures.

  25. @ Bret

    I was thinking this! It is not Jenga people, thats an entirely different game. Of course, if after stacking the items on the drunk person you then try to remove them without them falling, that would indeed be a fantastic combination of Buckaroo and Jenga.

  26. we always called it bucka*insert drunken sleeping friends name here*

    cheerfully, my friends are too scared of losing their toes to even try buckasef.

  27. but ones on a futon and ones on a couch…

  28. fake much? Let us review. Two different sleeping surfaces, one a couch other a fouton different floor coverings, wall colors, baseboards in one not in the other and 6 of 6 titled in both photo’s.

    But look at it this way. At least I learned a new game and its appropriate title.

  29. @yaya- some people have more than one room in a house/apartment. and maybe he deleted a picture then uploaded the other one?

  30. Yaya, let us review, it’s “futon”.

    But look at it this way. At least you learnt the proper spelling of a word.

  31. @Gwydda
    Gwydda, let us review. It’s l-e-a-r-n-e-d.
    But look at it this way: at least you learned* the proper spelling of a word.
    Your sentence structure could also use some work. You may want to look into both.

  32. @Llama
    Llama, just in case you don’t know, both “learned” and “learnt” are acceptable. “Learned” is American and “learnt” is more common in British spelling.

    Just in case you didn’t know.

  33. quite a lot of smart-ass english majors here… enjoy making peanuts as a highschool english teacher fuckers…

  34. Are they all going to collaborate to be a high school English teacher? That most certainly would not pay very well.

  35. We call this Buckaroo where i live, in honour of the board game.

    Best one we ever did was an iron on someones arse cheek then watch the stuff fly when it heated up enough to wake them

  36. I can see one the first being real but the second i call fake and if not the person is dead now…….

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