Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. The expression in #1 looks like she is sitting on the dick of the bay. Oh, and Shawn FTW!!

  2. Haha, I liked the last one.

  3. I would love to hear her rendition of “Sitting on the Dick by the Bay”. I’ll bet that would be a really catchy tune.

  4. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    What does #1 mean to write anyway?

    #2 Josh… sarcasm… <3 (at least if that was what it was)

    #3 made me chuckle a bit… hehehe

  5. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    OHHHHHHHHHH DOCK!!!!! I get it. nevermind…it’s still early!

  6. lol she looks like she’s crying in pain or something.

  7. Hahah Lamebook back on form then 🙂

    @MonkeyCMonkeyDo – I’m glad you got it, I had no idea either!

  8. @malteaser: perhaps the dick of the bay is a little larger than she expected! and you’re awfully chatty these days, lol.

  9. Sitting on the Dick by the Bay! I love it! That was great! I as well would love to hear that one.

    Nice Shawn, clever.

  10. What made us think Lawrance can spell correctly if he doesn’t even spell his name normally.

  11. I feel bad for the guy who’s dick on the bay she is sitting on. If she is just wasting time, it must not be very good.

  12. With that mouth maybe she shouldn’t be sitting on dick

  13. “Sittin’ on the dick by the bay” hahah how could she not notice that?

  14. BeautifullyDizzy

    Her facial expression makes it seem like she’s “shittin’ on the dick by the bay”.

    The song title is actually ‘Sittin’ on the dock of the bay’, too bad she didn’t use the “of the bay” part because then she’d be “sittin’ on the dick of the bay”. lmao

    Damn it! Now I have the song in my head.

  15. i love malteaser too

    I think guys who can do math and sarcasm in one breath are sexy.

  16. You are an angle sent from heaven … ay mi amor yo te amo mucho <3
    What a weird spelling of his name.
    What the heck?
    But at least he got the *your and you are* correct.

  17. Also, it’s “…OF the Bay.”

  18. @_isglory: already noted by BeautifullyDizzy above.

  19. My apologies.

  20. MsBuzzkillington

    Kathryn is probably always ‘right’ too.

  21. Haha! I never get tired of triangle jokes when people spell angel wrong. . . Which happens way too often.

  22. that one chick

    @ NickieMarie

    I don’t know why anyone would talk about angels in triangle jokes… I’m sure they have triangles in heaven, but it’s still weird. I think ANGLES would be more appropriate 🙂

  23. I’d laugh if this Lawrance dude spelled his name AND the word angel wrong. I’d laugh hard.

    Nothing gets past you, #22.

  24. rockinghorsefly

    The more I look at that photo, the more I think there is actually no typo. I think she might ACTUALLY be sitting on a dick! 😉

  25. @rockinghorsefly Dude, it’s a video.

  26. What can you expect when your parents name you “Lawrance”?

  27. This deserves an upvote because of the college one. (Others were quite ‘meh’ to me.)

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