Friday, May 21, 2010

FANtastic Friday (part 2)

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  1. Mine dips the toilet water too sometimes.. Ben

  2. That’s a bone cracking win too!

  3. That’s the grossest group i’ve ever seen in my life…

  4. dick in toilet water. it happens.

  5. Lamebook what has hapened to you? I used to see you as a likeminded friend to laugh at all the lame and funny things people decide is appropriate to make public to the world and now you just post things because they say “dick”, “twilight” or “justin Bieber” If I found these funny I would go and eavesdrop on a bunch of teenage girls. It’s sad to say but I think Lamebook is becoming juvenile and unfunny.

  6. That OMG Facts thing must be some new thing going around FB. One of my friends joined one about how sex acts as pain relief therefore when a woman says she has a headache, she should be having sex.

    Today is not a good day in the life of Lamebook.

  7. I fucking hate those page-long groups and the people that join them. Goddamn.

  8. Those long groups piss me off.

    I said all I have to say on Part 1.

  9. There is an extremely annoying group now.. it takes up practically the entire news feed with the words “I’m Awesome” over and over again. God damn.

  10. Hmm… the bone cracking fact is somewhat wrong. I mean, for once it says you can only pop once every 25-30 minutes, while I can crack repeatedly for as much as I want… obviously not all knuckle cracking is caused by the same reason, which means the argument is a fail in itself…

  11. ihatemalteaserlol


  12. Every time I bend my toes they crack. Also when I walk, I have an ankle that clicks. I can only assume it’s the same thing.

  13. ihatemalteaserlol is Frodo and does not have a pool.

  14. Two Justin Bieber posts in one day? Good job Lamebook.

  15. That knuckle cracking one is all the evidence we need that (a) some people should not be allowed to make groups and (b) there needs to be a 10-word limit on that shit. Seriously, did some insanely bored fuck-tard decide to take the first slew of crap he could find on some medical website and turn it into the name of a group?

  16. Why would I give two shits about the medical aspects of cracking my knuckles? Neither funny, or lame, just blah.

  17. you guys
    omg-facts is a website, you like a thing on their website and it gets posted on your facebook

    the nuckle popping/cracking IS NOT a group

  18. CommentsAtLarge

    I laughed at the kinght in shining armor one; I’ll have to remember that the next time a female friend realizes they were dating a tool.

  19. LOL to the twillight one.

    -God’s investment(His Son) in you, was SO great, he could NEVER abandon you!-

  20. MsBuzzkillington

    I hate those “Omg-facts!” things.

    People who are posting those on my wall are getting deleted.

    There’s more than just one and they have more that are a lot longer.

    Its like someone was trying to see how many words they could fit into the title, it was some kind of contest. In which the winner is really a loser.

  21. I would’ve thought most guys would be very proud of themselves if they could reach the water with their dick. Then I remembered you guys in the States have quite a high water level, so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for it to end up in there.

    The Australian toilet water level is generally a lot more shallow, so for a dick to end up in the water here, is pretty bloody impressive, even when sitting.

  22. Anyone else get bored reading #2? My ADD kicked in and I skipped to the bottom.

  23. lol

  24. I laughed my ass off at the “Sometimes your knight in shining armor is just a retard in tin foil.” Fucking funny shit. Never heard that one before. Thank got it’s friday.

  25. I did too, sosegado. That is too funny.

  26. MonkeyCMonkeyDo


  27. I thought the night in shining armor thing was pretty funny too.

  28. People who join any groups ending in “OMG Facts” should be neutered.

    The knight/retard in tinfoil one was worth a chuckle. The rest – really, Lamebook? Have the submissions begun to suck THAT much?

  29. rockinghorsefly

    In Australia if your dick reached the water level in the toilet, it would be very, very impressive and would probably weigh enough to give you ongoing back problems.

  30. rockinghorsefly

    Oh, and retard in tin foil? I relate to that.

  31. i gotta admit, I think they should fire a few people at LB and just bring in a whole new staff. The quality of jokes on this site is sure to improve.

  32. Walter Sobchak

    When my dick is soft it’s too small to reach toilet water. When it’s hard it doesn’t point down. I feel sorry for guys whose dick stays long when it’s soft. It must make it very uncomfortable to do many things, like running, or taking a shit. I also feel sorry for guys whose dick points down when it’s hard. I suggest you make an appointment with God or your parents and to negotiate some sort of refund or exhange.

  33. Walter, your comment is very insensitive to those of us with massive down-pointing penises. Stirring poo water with my ginormous mushy kielbasa is no laughing matter. And everyone giggles when I do the “jerking-off” motion with my hands, because apparently I don’t do it like them. Jerk.

  34. rockinghorsefly

    LOL @ massive down-pointing penises. I will endeavour to use that phrase in a sentence today.

  35. Walter Sobchak

    Sorry dude. I take it back.

  36. The OMG Facts things are NOT GROUPS, people. also allows you to do this, although thankfully their posts aren’t novellas.

  37. Once again, Soup is funnier than Lamebook posts. Come on, Lamebook. Get a pool already. How am I going to say something clever about THIS crap? Well, I could make fun of that Twilight chick. Her name is Dawn. One of the twilight books is called breaking dawn. I’ll bet she jerks off to it. Meh…I’m tired.

  38. I had no idea that there were people that could reach the water. Hell I thought touching the bowl was pretty good. Not to mention disgusting. But at least I am not stirring poo water. My sympathies are off to you Soup.

  39. Okay, this website OMG Facts has to fucking go. I log on to Facebook only to see, “Let’s count to 20,000!” and there are 20,000 numbers on my homepage. Why in the hell does Facebook even allow this?

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