Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Not My Type

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  1. Robert and Krista are both lame. Robert could have just ignored her request and gotten on with his life.

  2. Dear Krita,
    You’re a chicken-skinned idiot.

    Dear Robert,
    You make horrible comebacks.

    And however made that quiz… Must be blonde.

  3. *Krista


  5. wertyiu102, you sound like you are 15.

  6. Patrick, I wish you hadn’t corrected your supposed typo. I really, really liked your status just the way it was.

  7. @6, wanking listening to the meows is pretty kinky, hey?

  8. Haha, I am loving that second one. “Naaah Ima 16”–so much older than 15! :0

  9. Hmmm theres a fetish I’ve never heard before! Sexy.

    Robert you better move. Her friend knows where you live. Get packing quick.

  10. I am sure Robert is really scared of a teenager….

  11. onnepeutjamaisquitterlesromains

    Robert is amazing. Sure, he could have just ignored her, but that would have been infinitely less entertaining.

  12. mew


  13. Robert spent a little more time dealing with that dumbass than I think he needed too…..

  14. Cherry and curly, it’s not so unusual or kinky, girls. Patrick sounds like he has a stock standard pussy fetish. That’s it.

  15. CommentsAtLarge…reading aloud makes the visual so much more clear to me.

    Word, you’re right…must not be very unusual if I came just thinking about it.

  16. Lame

  17. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    Word #14 wins.

    This was a good post.

    #1 Wanking on the kitchen floor is one of those rare Typoh posts that works very well.
    #2 Robert must have been bored but he brought some entertainment and even though he self-submitted I’m still okay with it because Krista doesn’t seem like the type who can print screen to save her own life. Although Robert does sound like the type of dick who thinks being married makes him special.
    #3 I’m pretty sure “Is the title of this quiz misspelled?” was a question on the quiz.

    I don’t think I got 1 2 and 3 in the right order but if you care then fuck off because it’s the holiday season and I have been drinking heavily .

  18. Dear wertyiu102, It’s “Whoever” made that quiz.

  19. Question Pepe, are you and Mad2 one and the same person?

    I don’t know who else on lamebook would use a quote from “The turn from Enlightenment to Romanticism 1760-1820” as a pseudonym of a pseudonym! Unless that’s just a common French quote?

  20. There is no Pepe…..but, on your note, I miss mad2 a bit.

    I love to rub my cat whilst my pussy meows.
    Wait, lolz Typoh, reverse those. Wait…it works either way.

    If I get a good one, I like to squirt my name onto her fur.

  21. @Hawkbit

    Actually, it’s “Whomever.”

  22. actually…”whosoever”. lol jk i just had to say it

  23. @antixmas,
    I’m thinking exactly the same thing as you. A couple of months ago, I came to the conclusion that mad2 was using another name; pepesaquiles or something like that, and I called pepe/mad2 on it. It was denied, but I’m sure mad2 is still around, and changes his name regularly. He’s using the #11 name at the moment. Well that’s my theory. Hi mad2.

  24. onnepeutjamaisquitterlesromains

    @antixmas & nexus

    In all seriousness, I am not mad2physicist; if you don’t believe me, give a sincere reading to my and his posts. I still think it’s funny that you (are you wordprevert?) and nexus think we’re the same person.

    And I don’t know what that book is that you’re referencing. My quote comes from Montesquieu, and he first said it in “De l’esprit de lois,” which was published in 1748. I’m an Enlightenment junkie and a history grad student by the way; American universities are very nice.

    And, yes, my old screen name was “pepeaquiles” – (Pepe = Joe, my name in real life is Joseph, and aquiles = Achilles)

    As before (if you are wordprevert), I’m being genuine with you, so if this doesn’t dispel your confusion, then you’re pretty much talking to yourself. I think the initial confusion arose because I attacked mad2, which, because this site is what it is, apparently makes people think you must be the person whom you’re deriding. I’ve also attacked vincent and antixmas, making fun of hostility with hostility of my own; of course it’s all in jest because this is a joke site.

    But the dirty dozens is the dirty dozens.


    Your posts are always boring.

  25. Krista reminds me of my younger sister and all her little white friends who wish they were black. Save me.

  26. You people change names like my ball sack changes underwear. Pepe is not mad2. Mad2 is a fucking idiot. Pepe might be Alan dente, who is a homosexual.

  27. @24 <3 chu too. I fully agree with your long winded rant. Though, you could just ignore their accusations of you being mad2. Save your breath, idiots on here aren't worth the time or effort. More often than not, they're just fucking with you.

    Unless you want to respond; by all means.

  28. (my ballsack sweats a lot and hot moist environments are a perfect breeding ground for things like bacteria and evil pixies, which cause jock itch. Frequently changing sweaty moist underwear helps with that kind of problem.)

  29. Is Jonjones the old defective user? He reminds me of defective user but he seems much less county. Maybe a few weeks of maturing helped. Or a different persona.

  30. *cunty

  31. Keona #27, I wasn’t attacking him, just curious. I like figuring out who’s who. (Yes, I clearly have free time this festive season. lol).

    Thanks for an honest response Pepe 🙂 I’ll do likewise and say who I am. Anyway, I’m going back to my original screen name once the festive season is over. I don’t know how you people do it, it’s challenging having two names- one has a hyperlink, one doesn’t.

    I also still think that Alord and Dukey are one person or at least know each other. Confessions Defective user?

    lots of love


  32. onnepeutjamaisquitterlesromains

    I think you’re very tired Walter.

    Alandente is openly British as well. But I’ll take it as a compliment if you think I can vary my prose so much.

  33. “oo very ha”? What the fuck does that even mean?

    Krista, I hope for your sake that you at least have a hot body, for you are indeed a retard.

  34. @ thelizblack

    actually, it’s not.

    “Whoever” is the subjective case. Not “whomever”.

  35. Dear lamebook people,
    Robert did not self submit this. He put it on his facebook pictures sooo I decided to put it on lamebook bc when he originally told this story I thought it was hilarious. I guess it is not as funny to lamebook as I thought it would be…

  36. @24,
    That was one long explanation, and a very confusing one. As I said to you back then, I don’t give a crap that you post under multiple names, I just find it kind of amusing. You did get one thing sort of right, and that is about Keona. But ‘boring’ isn’t a word I’d use to describe her. I’d be much harsher than that.

    You amuse me because you’re actually amusing.

    You’re not the only one. I try to figure out who’s who too. A mindless pastime yes. But I would not have guessed you were Saffer.

  37. onnepeutjamaisquitterlesromains


    Sorry if my writing is convoluted and I don’t give a crap about whether you give a crap either. But you keep saying the same thing over and over (that I’m mad2), so instead of a “yes you are,” “no I’m not” conversation, I explained in detail why you’re way off.

    Happy New Year to you too, unfriendly dick. Just ’cause it’s the internet doesn’t mean you have to be a craphead (and no, I’m not 15, so I don’t care if you think that was cool, witty, or lame).

  38. Leave Keona alone!!!

  39. It’s ok. I just ignore the idiots that hate for no God damned reason. They think by attacking me, that I’ll go away, and cry, or cut. I’m here, at this point, to spite them, and enjoy the site. And throw some comments related to the post here and there.


    I was added by this bitch named Krista last summer. She told me I was hot and then proceded to try and get me to send her a picture of my dick. I admitted that a.) I was gay, and b.) That was really immature and fucked up.

    Then she told me that her boyfriend was going to come to my town and beat me up and crap. Wth? She just tried to get me to take off my pants and NOW her boyfriend was going to support her with that lovely decision?

    Just thought I’d share that with y’all. 🙂 Sorry for my foul language. I got excited. [:

  41. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    So you think it’s the same fucker?

  42. this is mine. i’m robert. the funny thing about this girl is that she was a cousin of a friend of mine… and she had been doing this regularly to people my friend knew on facebook… including her own cousin.

  43. @20 gross. not funny.

  44. @43 that was the intention. Idiot. It’s not any grosser than what Imamofo and some other say. Grow a pair and get a stomach while you’re at it.

  45. can someone fax me a sak??
    thank you.

  46. #1 how come he got a typo in the word waking.. seems impossible.. think its fake.. but still funny…
    #2 stupid..
    #3 incredibly stupid…

  47. dang.. i myself got a typo on on..
    stupid me.. LOL

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