Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Not My Type

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  1. These suck. After Suroor, nothing’s good enough.

  2. ifitwerentformyhorse

    I go hot rubbing with my best friends too. It’s not gay or anything.

  3. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @samwise – Yeah, Suroor was just too good. Nothing compares.

  4. LOL @ Suroor C:

    OT: these posts ar definitely lame. Only laughed at the last one, mostly just cause of the ‘Ned’ :/

  5. Sorry Matty, wasn’t iPhone that effed up, you forgot a letter.

  6. Other than the Ned one, I’m pretty sure all these typos have already been posted, it was just different people making the mistake. It’s not as funny the second time around.

    As for Nick, who says he ISN’T attempting to make a collage after effing it up the first few times?

  7. I beat lame posts, with my fist!

  8. Being a teenage girl and having been to sleepovers, I’m not entirely sure that #4 was a typo.

  9. CommentsAtLarge

    #4 is now my favorite, thanks poprocks

  10. @oilersfan: you’re a glass half-full person, aren’t you? And I second poprocks’ viewpoint, sleepovers get totally raunchy, but IDK about guys’ sleepovers…

    And I would blame the iPhone it’s so mortifying finding a typo too late, because there’s no way to halt an outgoing text, it’s just so darn quick!

  11. How could it be that all these years, Lamebook doesn’t have an edit reply function?

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