Monday, March 5, 2012

A Proud Winner

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  1. vaginalroundhouse

    I liked this one then again I like having my privates covered in peanut butter.

  2. mangofruitpunch

    Anyone stupid enough to fall for one of those emails doesn’t deserve their money anyway.

  3. I don’t geddit

  4. Peanut butter is amazing when you have a dog nearby. Or a window licker.

  5. I knew a girl who use to lick windows, and the bottom of peoples shoes..

  6. Was she black?

  7. I like to string them along for as long as I can. It’s kinda fun.

    419eater is hilarious!

  8. ‘I like to dip my cock in peanut butter, just the tip and have my retarded black bitch lick it off’

  9. She was black-ish. Pretty sure she also had sex in her front yard, a lot…..wonder if that has something to do with it?

  10. ^ I know what you’ve done, you’ve only gone and confused her with a massive, hairy, nauseatingly smelly, overweight gorilla. You so silly.

  11. Damn, I bet that happens a lot. After all, they’re not THAT different.

  12. has the yt fairy been, then?

  13. Hey MsAnne, welcome back. You didn’t miss much.

    Yes, yt has been, over yonder. Disturbed Artist even tried REASONING with it! (with predictable results)

  14. Reason doesn’t exist in a vacuum.
    Is always more fun to poke it with a stick.

  15. All pranksters.

  16. MsAnne + Bacchante = lesbians

  17. ^jelly much?

  18. Don’t ask to see MsAnne’s gash though, maybecakes. You’ll only make that mistake once.

  19. Devora? Girls name ? Let’s remember , girls can’t be funny on purpose

  20. ^give it up, you sad sack of shit. You can’t be funny on purpose or accidentally. I hoping your death will at least be comically painful.
    And soon – I’m hoping it will be very soon.

  21. You know what the internet is missing? A website collating all the funny deaths from around the world.

  22. I imagine South America has a lot.

  23. Yes, sadly, I did try reasoning with it. What can I say, other that I had a large bag of weed and time on my hands. Like three days, I think. Sigh.

    It won’t happen again.

  24. the darwin awards website not good enough for you, crusty?

    And, Disturbed Artist, what did you learn?

  25. I learned that maladjusted self-hating pricks exist on Lamebook only to be fucked with.

    That, and that ToTheFlames thinks it’s fucking hilarious, when in all actuality Carrot Top does better.

  26. Jesus. “thinks *he’s* fucking hilarious” I think Flames is a he, anyway…

  27. I’ve got the book. Pictures tell a thousand words but videos are funny as fuck.

  28. Disturbed, I don’t think even Flames’ mother is 100% sure of “his” gender…

  29. ‘it’s’ worked fine for me. I don’t know why you changed it.

  30. crusty try goregasm.

  31. Didn’t goregasm and ogrish sellout a couple years ago? I remember they use to be way more awesome. Maybe I’m missing something and they just changed the format or something. My brothers ex-girlfriend was a hardcore born again and always accused me of being a devil worshiping pagan for looking at splattered japs that got b’s on their report card, or didn’t get the raise they wanted and dishonored their entire family…not that she was wrong or anything…I just though it was rude for her to just assume things like that.

  32. Ha! Nevermind, my ancient ‘gasm account still works, the forum still seems up to par…silly me. Thanks for the reminder…

  33. butterscotchcandy

    Alright, I may be having a moment of pure idiocy, but who is the “he” Devora is talking about in her second comment?

  34. ^ “He” is the thief that allegedly wrote both the tenant e-mail and the Nigerian widow e-mail to Devora.

  35. butterscotchcandy

    Thank you. I feel dumb now, but in my defence everyone else in Devora’s story was a she.

  36. oh yeah Capn, and ogrish turned into liveleak and cleaned it’s act up (a little bit).

  37. I guess that explains why I prefer Liveleak to Youtube…I have no idea how I missed that…I think I just learned something new on here for a change. Wait?! Did you just tach me something that didn’t involve ponies being mutants?

  38. although i was just motivated to check for the first time in a couple years and there seems to be a growth industry in copycat and tribute sites.
    Bless this interwebz.

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