Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Uppity Updates

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  1. I love Amy.

  2. Oh god I was first. Here goes….firstbensteverblahblahblahblahbolloks.

  3. You can’t say first in the second comment. It has to be in the first comment. Is’t like if I said….

  4. 3st!!!

  5. Ummmm 5st?

  6. Darien is half right. The lol looks like a guy in the river calling for help or a guy pretending to be drowning. But people who are really drowning don’t look like that. I usually only see parts of the back of their heads and their arms are usually trying to reach backwards in an awkward, weak and pathetic way.

  7. Yeah 5st, that’s good.

    Who the fuck writes “is’t?” Only tardos, I say.

  8. What’s a tardo?

  9. Glad I have got the hang of this numbering business. Such a minefield!

  10. Seems like you are me are on a date Walter. No-one else to be seen. Dinner and a movie my love?

  11. *you and me

    Damn not being able to delete/amend posts!

  12. Walter I think that makes you a Ra-Tard

  13. @12


  14. GATECRASHERS!!! You are off the wedding invite list now!

  15. Ahem, suggest we switch back to the email, my dear.

  16. @alord
    I’m not on the date with them… I’m watching in my car masterbating. So suck it

  17. Sidney is back on the invite list with a front row seat.

  18. I think I am going to need Starbucks to get this day rolling . . .

  19. Thats what im talking about!

  20. sidney, i’m outside in the rain wearing a windcheater and masturbating whilst watching you. it’s pretty cold.

    may i also say, you’re severely attractive.

  21. uhh i meant that for Nicoretta

  22. I’m sad for Lauren that she lives in a world where people only say ‘I love you’ in the movies.

    You’ve made me sad, Lamebook.

  23. @alord
    Its hot and sunny here, although that would be super cool if you were here in the rain, in your slicker pounding one out for me.
    please do call me severely attractive all day long! I know that all sounded like my ego was bigger than my nice round ass but that heifer needed it!

  24. Sidneybunny and Alordslums, currently starring in ‘Masturbator and Commander’, coming in a cinema near you!

  25. Why is Lauren’s life a movie? She was just a witness to a very sweet and endearing moment, as I bet many others were. It’s the husband and wife who are a part of a romance/drama.

  26. Brah, aren’t we all just supporting characters in someone else’s story?

  27. Wait…….. am I Masterbater or Commander?

  28. coming in a cinema…

    now there’s something i can relate to.

  29. That’s deep, man.

  30. The “lol” joke was posted on MLIA ages ago … C’mon Lamebook! I want original hilariousness!

  31. Yes, the lol thing is old, but I just noticed it looks even more like a drowning guy when there are quotation marks around it. It’s like he’s waving for help.

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