Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Terrible Type

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  1. ben

  2. mmm…Man pickles.

  3. Good grief …

  4. I hate walking with crotches, they smell after a while.

  5. Me too, Keith, me too..

  6. i knew a girl once who was a virgin,- but then i smashed her punt in.

  7. *virjin

  8. mmmm Man pickles…I like it tangy

  9. Mott can’t even spell his name right. Then again, the government is retarted.
    I think I’ve managed to pickle my pickle already, that’s why there are bumps all over it right?

  10. The Hooker Method gives the best results, anybody care to argue that?


    Peter Griffin!

  12. these aren’t even close to being at all funny. LAME

  13. @nuff it’s spelled retarded

  14. Mott, I could go for some apple juice right now. You in?

  15. East Liverpool, Ohio?

  16. I don’t get number 2. Is it because she said work twice? Or misspelled dusk as dust? As for Ryan, he should just consult Ashley about how to walk with crotches. She seems good at it.

  17. Brah, he said “dust”, not “dusk”. Don’t worry, took me a minute also.

  18. Edumaction at it’s finest

  19. Sheesh, that’s such a minor error.

  20. OMG I have ever been to virjinia.

  21. Richard and Matt are quite the pair. Perhaps a meeting with Mott is in order. They could drink some apple juice by the beach….

  22. Digressing off this shit post as I’ve some time to kill, but the second one makes me think of the film From Dusk Till Dawn. Now if there ever was a film that started so strongly and then turned to absolute shite, I’ve yet to see it.

    Rodriguez and Tarantino together should have been amazing, instead the film made me want to go and punch all the dust off my clock.

  23. I know some people who say it ‘Mitch-igan’ and it makes me wince every time. I could correct them but then I wouldn’t get to be a patronizing asshole and look down on them for it.

  24. All I remember from From Dusk Till Dawn is Sex Machine. And his phallic shooter.

  25. Arielle’s comment is a song lyric.

  26. @24


  27. I don’t understand why people find it really hard to spell “rearted”. SMFH.

  28. It’s ok, Hobo. You SHOULD look down on them for pronouncing it that way.

  29. I find that brine soothes the sores which infest my gherkin. Ashley and I could tap a firkin, and she could start workin’.
    Remove my merkin, my dick no longer lurkin’, and get to jerkin’.

  30. friend request denied.

    Dude Lamebook is getting freakin’ weak. I need some new entertainment. “Man pickles are good” really doesn’t cut it. Nor does the dust/dusk scandal.

  31. Where’s my word at? Giiiirl got me some more oxycontin. Oh yeah, I’m super cool I know. But I know you want some too.

  32. Now appealing as that sounds, my dear Zoned, I must be on my best behaviour this evening. It’s beer only, and cheers, by the way.

    I’m making dinner for a prodigal young female friend that has just returned from OS. She will come bearing gifts and stories of her adventures with another I hold dearly that remains abroad.

    Next time, Sister.


    The funniest thing about this post was when #1 said “Ben”. That’s just sad.

  34. Arielle’s post makes sense if she is a maid.

  35. Foooking shoite.

    I have wasted approximately 30 mins reading these latest submissions, time that I could have used ‘looking’ at vintage French and German porn.

    Ja Ja Ja, Ich komme.

  36. Aw that’s okay word, just wanted you to know I was thinking of ya 😉 Cheers!

  37. I thought it would be just easier to limp when you have a broken ankle instead of using your crotch…I mean…friction burns….but hey, if that’s the what the doctor orders…

  38. Wordy, that kind of sounds like a plot to a movie I’ve seen on cable late at night. It had a heppy ending.

  39. You’re right, Comments, it is. Not all my scenarios are original. At times I do take ideas from other sources (late night cable), but only the best ones. And by the way, it was a wonderful reunion. There wasn’t a dry pair of panties in the house.

  40. Wordy, I nearly didn’t make that crack because I didn’t want to make light of what sounded to be a very cool evening. Glad it went well.

    That being said, if those events were to transpire, I’m sure there wouldn’t be a dry anything in the house 😉

  41. Man pickle made me LOLLLL!!!!! 😛

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