Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keepin’ It Complicated

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  1. i don’t ask for belief, just a little understanding, walter. it’s been a hard life.

    now if you’ll excuse me, i’m literally up to my knees in batshit – every hour you leave it after it’s been pooped knocks a dollar off the market price, so i have to get scooping! batshit has to be fresh, you see – the fresher the better.

  2. Are PA and Soup going to bang?

    I thought you were a dude? I remember somewhere you wanting some other dude to give you bj-er. Sweet story though

  3. also re your quibble #50, i can clear that up.

    as a (now not so young) german woman, i’ve always still after all these years, so you say, struggled to have had the perfect grasp on an english language, you see.

  4. The posts around Ryan’s totally upstage his, but I love his attempt to “save” himself with the follow-up comment.

  5. alord, come clean. You’re a hermy, aren’t you?

  6. I , sure as shit, hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i’d be spoilt for choice.

  8. Latest drama update from Ashley (yeah, they could base a tv story on this one!)

    wow mike go fuck urself. u wanna pick that skank bitch over ur pregnant wife?!?! wutever then have that nasty OLD ass bitch. dont try to come crawlin back like always cause this time i wont take u. I WANT A FUCKIN DIVORCE!!!

    bwhahaha, as if mike was really going to continue on with a pyscopath about to go to jail !

  9. I’ve been searching for Ashley on that openbook site, using lines provided from smartie, and still no hits. What’s the trick?

  10. What’s the legal difference between Assault and Battery in America?

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