Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Late Great

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  1. fucked up they is


  3. third?

  4. No, not Stever, Stever.
    I love Matts friends they are all sorts of awesome.

  5. Matt has my sympathy; I woke up feeling the exact same way on Sunday morning. Goddamn bank holiday weekends …

  6. I don’t get why white people always do some borderline gay shit when their friends pass out. Dawg i’m telling you right now,if you do some gay ass shit like that to a black people. That’s an automatic death sentence on the street.

  7. “yodawg” Don’t act like some big shot 2pac here, you’re probably as white as Randy Jackson.

  8. Nigga how about i cum buckets on your ugly ass face how about that?

  9. Play nice, children


    Nothing borderline gay about cumming buckets on another man’s face!

  11. They see me trollin,they hatin lol. Bucket is prolly whiter than Reggie Miller anyways so he’ll like it in the face.

  12. comparethemeerkat

    Wow, I think the status was a joke. But cumming buckets in someone’s face is borderline gay so wouldn’t you be dead on the streets?

    Hmmm, hypocrite much?

  13. He wasn’t pass out yet so that exclude it. I said when their friends “pass out”. I’ll cum on you after i do bucket though so no worries comparethemeerkat.

  14. “Nothing borderline gay about cumming buckets on another man’s face!”


  15. @yodawg Been trolling a long time? Don’t quit your day job…if you have one.

  16. @hawkbit you know i look up to you dawg but have you ever heard of timezone?

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