Thursday, September 9, 2010

On Fire

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  1. mad2physicist — She’s not letting her BABY on Facebook – she has a picture of HERSELF WITH HER BABY, I did not say she was worried her baby would see what the dimwit posted, I am pointing out the baby wouldn’t know she posted it in the first place, by virtue of being a baby. I also don’t think the dimwit posted it while she was at work. That isn’t the point. The point is, she’s an idiot for friending her employer and posting what should be private information between her and her friends. Why everyone keeps bringing up the commonality in having sexual thoughts in various places is beyond me, since that is not the issue here as I see it. The issue is posting something stupid where your employer can see it. I think you should reread the original post and my post because you are arguing the wrong argument.

  2. mad2physicist – You said “I also don’t have FB at all, because I prefer to merely mock others than to be so narcissistic as to post random sh*t about myself.” Right, you just post random narcissistic shit about yourself on Lamebook. What’s better? And wrongful termination? Are you serious? Do you really think this moron and Marice signed a contract about babysitting? I doubt it. Ergo, she can fire her for anything she wants. I’m not a parent and even I can see why a parent wouldn’t want such an idiot watching her infant. I just think you have to be pretty stupid to add your employer and then post personal matters on FB.

  3. mad2 yeah I’ve heard of wrongful termination, best part? That only matters in jobs where you pay taxes and not under the table jobs. She can’t do shit about it and it’s at the employer’s discretion, welcome to the world of baby sitting, I did it most of my teenage career and trust, they can dump you at any time for any reason, and it’s their right. Sorry, that’s how it goes.

  4. Sure wrongful termination only legally applies to contracted jobs. However, it _morally_ applies everywhere. I don’t say Macie is outside her legal rights, I just think she’s wrong and unfair.
    Also, why friend your employee if you don’t want to know what your employee says to their friends?

  5. Like, how many people would defend Macie if Lucy had posted she was a lesbian? Or if Lucy were a guy and said he was gay?


  7. The percussion storage room in my former high school was a favourite spot to experiment with anal sex

  8. What????? You’re confusing sexual practices with sexuality. If Macie fired the dumbass ONLY because she was a lesbian, then that would be wrong fro firing her based on her sexuality. She didn’t though, she fired her for posting something incredibly stupid on FB, which happened to be about her sexual practices. And the idiot went on to say “oh gee I think I got fired” instead of contacting her employer and saying “hey I’m really sorry, I forgot you were on my FB, it’ll never happen again.” And honestly, given my age, I don’t really have a lot of friends who would post something so stupid even if it is true on a public forum.

  9. Sexuality and sexual practice can’t really be separated… and how is posting something about sexual practices ‘stupid?’
    Personally I would have said, ‘I’m sorry, I forgot you were on my facebook, it’ll never happen again because you’re now unfriended as I won’t be friends with douchebag prudes.’
    I am quite amused that this debate has gone on so long. Really, are there that many people with as much time on their hands as I have?
    (Obviously there are, or lamebook and its ilk would not exist).

  10. You know what would be funny? If the joke was that someone had hacked Lucy’s facebook and it wasn’t her at all.

    Also, working on the assumption Lucy was at work while writing that – she was using Macie’s computer to go on facebook while she was meant to be watching the child…

  11. If the kid is in bed why not use the computer? Better than getting drunk and having an orgy while the kid is in bed…

  12. you don’t have to hide your kids from the entire world to keep them shielded from thing such as dildos. You can monitor you kids online behavior and only let them go to age appopriate sites, you can use parental ratings systems on games and television sets, and most likely they won’t be exposed. I wasn’t exposed to any of that until around 8th/9th grade and my parents didn’t block me from the rest of the world. She can and should fire her babysitter if she isn’t comfortable with the girl watching her kids. I wouldn’t want someone who showed as poor judgment as Lucy to watch my infant either, even if exposure wasn’t an issue. It doesn’t make Macie a bitch, prude, or anything else. You are the one getting all sanctimonious about it. As though it’s your god given right to do whatever you please at work. It’s not. Facebook is not private and if you friend your boss and then post something on your facebook that directly affects your job (such as potentially exposing the children you work with to something sexual or defaming the company you’re employed by) it is your employers right to take action. It’s basically the same thing as getting on a megaphone and yelling at a 100 or more people (100 being the average number of people’s facebook friends) in public.

  13. and no, I don’t think about being eiffel towered, that sounds incredibly demeaning. You’re a jerk.

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