Friday, April 15, 2011

A Grounded Fleur

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  1. @stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Judging your seduction skills by your internetz suave, I’m confident a Dutch waterfall -or any sexual act performed on you- will only take place in your dreams.

    I will however, lighten your burden in another area: The sauce You and Walter are talking about is ‘American fritessaus’ by Calve and Remia. Ingredients: mayonaisse, parsley, mustard, onion, sugar.
    Sold in a 500ml squeezy bottle for approx. €1,59 in any Albert Heyn near you.

    It was interesting to make your acquaintance, a real eyeopener to see how much the English are annoyed by the Dutch while I’ve yet to meet an English person saying this IRL.

    You live in Amsterdam I understand. Have fun come Queensday, hope you will have a good time despite all those awful Dutch people that bother you so much.

  2. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @51 I love Queensday, its awesome that you Dutch people are so open and welcoming to the gay community. Hope it’s going to be sunny when they’re cruising the canals in their decorated boats!

  3. Yeah, that looks right. I think the version I had was homemade though. It was a mayonnaise base with a dominant mustard flavor. And it was sweet. And it had a couple other things in there as well.

    Shitbags, it was at a market thing where they had various stands set up selling things like chips with wild American sauce and clog magnets.

    It’s been a few years but…… I think you start at the train station. Walk by some old historical boats on the pointless bridge. Then through the street with the women in the windows. Keep going along the river for about 1.5 km. Follow the river as it turns to the right. About 100 later there is a bridge. Cross it. Around there somewhere there is a grocery store. The market is outside the grocery store. Make sure you have a lot of coins for the parking meters because they don’t accept foreign credit cards.

  4. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Yeah man, I know that market and the parking situation only has gotten worse. Now they want you to pay with some kind of card but fail to mention where to obtain one.

  5. Ehm Queensday has got nothing to do with gays. It is a celebration in honour of the queens mothers’ birthday. Gays are just celebrating too, just like everyone is welcome to, including you. If you would ask any Dutch person, (Or! Maybe even befriend one) they would be happy to explain to you where to get a parking card.

  6. Well… Someone’s got her panties in a bunch.

  7. Of course not. I’m Dutch, don’t you know us wild Dutch girls never wear underwear.

  8. Aaaaand… Wallace has a sense of humor too.

    You learn fast though, I respect that. It’s good that you mention going commando. Also: the size of your breasts, your level of education (the higher the better) and lingerie…

    I’m sure stoma would appreciate visual proof of undie status

  9. Of course! I have no problem with that. Seems only fair since I am new to this forum thing and everything.
    And now I give all these details I hope everyone will like me and we can be friendz???? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Here you can see:

  10. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @Ladyda, I most have mixed Queensday with Gaypride. Easy mistake to make. Welcome to the FB club, you are a nice addition (for a Dutch person). Only thing to do now, is to purchase a car and figure out how to operate that parking meter.

  11. Cheers, the welcome is much appreciated. I recommend you get one of those little ‘Smart’cars, parking is truly a b#tch in A’dam.

  12. @verisimilitude If you were my mom, and did that controlling bitchy mom shit, you would definitely be taking more than just a step back. 🙂 There’s this thing called deleting and blocking you off her friends that Fleur should do, and also this thing called technology impaired idiot parents. You wouldn’t know how to unblock and such even if you confiscate it.

    Or, as she’s 14, she can wait until later to kick your ass. Mum isn’t being a smartass either, idiot. It’s something UK and Aussies use instead of mom.

    TL;DR Taking priviledges away doesn’t work, kick your kids ass.

  13. @Keona Using “Mummy” in the context her kid did is being a smartarse, also just to clarify “Mom” is what US people use instead of “Mum” because “Mum” was around long before your bastardised version of English was invented.

  14. Keona, I would never be your “mom”. If you came out my vagina, I’d demand a redo.

  15. Meh, punishment fits the crime, lucky her mom doesn’t beat her ass. I bet most of you parents out there think time outs work.

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