Thursday, April 7, 2011

Convincing the Rents

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  1. Fake. Not funny, fake.

  2. Not only not funny and fake, but absolutely disgusting considering the subject matter and how NOT funny that is.

  3. So on the Suroor post when I said “Lamebook you have redeemed yourself forever”…. yeah I take that back.

    This is really dumb and fake and gay and disgusting. It’s obviously fake…. so I have no idea why they’d even post it.

  4. Obviously fake, and retarded as fuck. I used to moderate a Facebook app for the longest while, and I saw this sort of shit posted all the time. Usually right when all the middle school fuckers got let out of class for the day. Obvious troll is obvious, good Jesus…

  5. Think I’m suffering PTSD (Post Traumatic Suroor Disorder), everything just pales into insignificance compared to that crazy motherfucker.

  6. Brutal. Unfunny. SHITTY subject matter. And more than likely fake. A giant, steaming digital turd.

  7. As the mother of a daughter, I could never find this funny in any way. That’s a disgusting thing to joke about.

  8. Lame lame lame lame book, this is fake.

  9. congratulations lamebook on submerging yourself even deeper into the disgusting and idiotic. I have two daughters, and this shit ain’t even funny. Dumb little bitch isn’t going to have to worry about not seeing him anymore, she’s got it in writing that he popped her 13 year old cherry, so he’s gonna be locked up for a long time for statutory rape. Around here we don’t bother the cops for little things like keeping pedophiles away; there is plenty of duct tape, carpet, lime…..

  10. faker than a jersey shore tan. Shame on you Lamebook.

  11. @Paranoid: You should coin that. Everyone in here is suffering from PTSD…

  12. Oh c’mon! This is funny! Of course it’s fake. That’s the point! It’s comedic genius.

  13. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @Bipolar Amoeba – It’s fake. Doesn’t make it funny or right, but at least it’s fake so no dumb bitch to worry about.

  14. Terrible. I can just see the guys at Lamebook HQ getting a good giggle over this. I don’t know which is worse–if they think it’s real and therefore funny, or if they know it’s fake and therefore funny. I guess the former is worse, but both are bad.

    samwise, he did coin it. “Coin” just means to invent or make up. You mean like copyright or something.

  15. From Suroor, to shite. 🙁

  16. I fisted your thirteen year old and made her squirt. Just kidding; I’m glad to see that some Lamenook readers standing up against offensive humor. The rest of you are going to burn in hell for laughing at this evil site. If I caught my daughter looking at this site I would strip the flesh from her bones. Just kidding; I don’t have a daughter! Nobama!

  17. good one Android, I still haven’t finished reading the comments on that Suroor one- I’m still only on a hundred and something.

    Nice to see a lot of new fish on lamebook 🙂 wow. I only recognised a handful of the usernames

  18. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @Saffer – I won’t spoil the newest development for you then. 😉

  19. Right, I did mean copyright. Thanx for that.

  20. vaginalroundhouse

    Suroor would go roid rage all over this……and the girl.

  21. CommentsAtLarge

    Yes Lamebook, ha-fucking-ha. Slow day for submissions was it?

  22. I love to see where people have their “gone too far” line on LB. I gotta agree with the masses on this on LB, it’s obnoxious as fuck and completely wrong. GTFO.

  23. This is not funny, Lamebook you are going downhill very fast if you think that was a good ‘lame’ post.

    I hope that was fake and, even if it was, lamebook you need to rethink what makes good material for here…

  24. Incest is fine…
    but this isn’t?
    Wow, Lamebook readers, you’ve reached a new low. With the amount of controversial material here, this is what makes you react?
    (Fine, it’s not funny, I can agree with that, at least…)

  25. Jamie, honey, you do know how the Romeo and Juliet romance turned out, right?

  26. i hope this is fake and i hope the person who wrote it doesnt have to find out the hard way that karma is a bitch.

  27. Apparently people have their hot buttons on this site. Since MOFO is not here, let me try to substitute: I was the one that entered her hallway of happiness with my bureau of love potion while we both castrated a puppy and used the total sum of bodily fluids to perform acts I can’t even write about on a festering pile of filth site such as this one.

  28. powerstanceyall

    Am I the only one that thought this was hilarious? It’s a fucking joke.

  29. Jeez guys, it’s just a joke. Relax and keep your moral judgements to yourself.

  30. get over it guys, it’s a fake entry with fictitional characters. It’s nothing worth getting worked up on like the J@p@n entry a few weeks back- that was real lives.

  31. shouldn’t that be PSTD > Post Suroor Traumatic Disorder ?

    cuz it’s a traumatic disorder that happened after (post) Suroor, right ?

    not a Suroor disorder that happened after a trauma…

    Just my $0.02…

  32. oh, and I don’t think Lamebook intended that to be seen as funny… they probably intended it to be seen as lame. which it is.

  33. He’s climbin in yo windows. He’s snatchin yo people up tryin to rape em. So you need to hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband cuz they rapin errbody out here!

  34. You fake slut…keep your attention needs off the internet dumb ass. no one gives a two fucks, Joke or not.

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