Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Proud Parents

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  1. comparethemeerkat

    I think the first two are siblings. If he is her ‘baby daddy’ (which is such a ridiculously shit phrase), then there is incest in that family. Awesome.

  2. I think the first one is actually pretty cute, a father showing his love for his little girl (who looks about 2). Most Boys his age would have headed for the hills

  3. The first one: Yeah it’s dumb, but at least he loves his kid (my parents were 37 when they had me and they were awful parents, so being what I suppose is a teen and at least trying to be a good one is a good thing in my book).

    Third one: I would be incredibly ashamed if that was my mother. The intellectual levels of those two seem to be switched (awfully reminiscent of my parents). Not many people know the sheer pain of being mountains more intelligent and mature than your parents in their late fifties. Sure the kid doesn’t have a job, but at least he’s not a f-wit.

  4. I call the first one a fucking lame attempt to get on lamebook. So it’s lame.

  5. Damn! I miss two days of lamebook and Suroor appears? I miss everything!

  6. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    To all of you above, I’m reasonably sure the first picture was created by the baby mama.
    No self-respecting, testicles-owning male would create such a gaudy monstrosity.

  7. No way the first one is real. Trashy people are just stereotyped to love Wal Mart. They don’t actually love it, and they wouldn’t compare their baby to Wal Mart. Nobody would ever say that.

  8. There was a ” at the beginning of the first one, The little girl could have said it and he was quoting her. My kids will say to me “Mommy I love you the whole world”. Im thinking its the same idea maybe their new walmart is big and she was trying to show she loved him a lot.

  9. I feel bad for the old Walmart.

  10. It’s impossible for number one to be cute because 1. That’s his fucking high school picture 2. passing on brains like that should be illegal. It’s not cute to be an idiot.

  11. First one is great due to just one fact: that little girl is wearing a RUN DMC shirt.

  12. I’m all for alternate spellings, but that’s some fucked up Y-additions to all three names of that poor child.

  13. ^ not only that but she spelt ‘the’ as ‘tha’ and ‘baby’ as ‘baybee’ so she’s not cutting out on letters for space like in text speak, she’s inventing them. I want to slap her!

  14. Somehow she used the right “than” though, which makes me wonder again how authentic it is.

  15. Okay, what mommy blogger or message board full of soap opera fans is linking to lamebook?

  16. I can’t believe that in this day and age, people STILL don’t need a license to breed. : (

  17. We could all afford to love a little bigger

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