Thursday, April 12, 2012

Right Back Atcha

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  1. I want to make a prediction that by the end of 2015 Facebook is going to be as outdated as MySpace. Really… can the level of personal crap that people are willing to share online be sustainable?
    Too bad there isn’t a status choice called “simple” as opposed to “it’s complicated” because I have no doubt that Patrick couldn’t possibly handle anything too deep, in a relationship or otherwise.

  2. Agreed^^

  3. There is a status choice for simple as opposed to it’s complicated. It’s called “single”.

  4. Not if he’s trying to bone 2 other women without #1 finding out. Guarantee that shit would get complicated.

  5. Why are you relating sustainability to a social network ? I don’t know, if you’ve ever been to a highschool/college/job working with a few people. That humans have a liking to hear of others sorrows or any other gossip related article. So in that respect Facebook could have a chance. But like all things at the top eventually fade out of existence.

  6. is it time for the bears to start eating people again?
    I do so look forward to the northern summer.

  7. Patrick has got some baggage

  8. So it’s ok for bears to eat people but not for rottweilers? You fickle, bear hating gnome. Oh and as a general psa; if people would put all of their smelly parts in tupperware containers then the bears would be less likely to eat them.

  9. rottweilers have notoriously twitchy stomachs. it’s true – look it up.

  10. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    So Patrick considers the need to get a job to be a dire situation from which he needs help escaping. I can’t even begin to express how poorly that reflects on his character.

  11. ^I’d actually quite like you to begin expressing.
    I think the fact that he is clearly reaching out for help to be a wonderful reflection on the humanity of his character…
    ..but please, drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeffmengeles, do tell us how lower-class and scummy Patrick is…?

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  13. @ anne I hope you’re trolling because patrick is lower class and scummy because of all the following reasons; Fuck You, that’s why. In Pat’s defense I blame his mother for naming him pat and for breastfeeding him until he was 9 and for not naming him Lance and for being so opposed to oral sex in the first damn place.

  14. I wasn’t trolling. i was really fucking drunk.
    i love people when I’m drunk. so much.

  15. Nothing sadder than getting drunk home alone and going on Lamebook. :[

  16. really? nothing sadder?
    what kind of pussified, sheltered interaction do you have with the fucking world, anyway?

    holy fuck, i was in the city yesterday and i saw a homeless couple camped out in the street – right in front of the multimillion dollar palace the state premier is building to commemorate his corpulent, corrupt self.
    I’d say that was a whole fucking lot sadder, wouldn’t you, you self-satisfied cunt?

  17. …Nah. You’re pretty much the saddest piece of shit ever. Sorry, man.

  18. see? behind your ivory tower, you’re quite happy to be awful online.

  19. Only to horrible vodka sucking, vagina licking cunts like you, peaches <3

  20. GOSH! such language!

  21. hallelujah, it’s rainin’ men.

  22. AWWW YEAH!
    *starts to strip*
    you’re gonna LOVE my glutes, msanne! i’ll give you a real close look, ok??

  23. *revs chainsaw*

    sure. come closer.

  24. oh don’t be silly msanne! these are buns of steel dude! you’ll only blunt the chainsaw!!

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