Monday, June 7, 2010

Unsurprised Party

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  1. Posting Dad’s Surprise party on Facebook = Epic Fail…
    Dad’s post to said surprise party on facebook … Epic Win!!

  2. PINGAS!

  3. i like bill.

  4. I thought his dad sounded like a right miserable bastard! ungrateful sod!

  5. @Numnum:
    That’s because you’d be one of the freeloading assholes.

  6. Posting a surprise party for someone that you have as a friend on Facebook is just asking for failure.

    Poor Bill. I wouldn’t want to be reminded that I’m getting to be an older and older fart each year. He’s probably only going to have about 10% of the beer there anyways, courtesy of freeloading friends.

  7. Krazy Eyez Killa

    For such a wealthy individual Bill Gates is a proper miserable get. Turns out money can’t buy you happiness.

  8. Bill is awesome!

  9. What a moron. Posting a surprise birthday party for someone you have in your friends list and posting it on your wall is a fuckin idiot

  10. Dad wins.

  11. Yeah, fuck you Matt. You’re not invited.

  12. lol @ itsyounotme

  13. krasivaya_devushka

    hahah poor Matt!

  14. The failing of the son was overshadowed by the winning of the father. I love it.

  15. Man, that’s Yuengling! I’m totally freeloading at that party.

  16. Bill G. FTW!

    He reminds me of Shitmydadsays on Twitter.

  17. YorkshirebornNBread

    I’m curious how Matt fucked up the garage? What did he do? Tidy it so Bill couldn’t find his porn….jesus, Bill has a long memory! Quality put down for his son though.

  18. It would appear that Matt is buying the beer, so WTF is Bill worked up about? Ungrateful f*ck. Go buy your own beer now and you’ll sure as shit celebrate by yourself. That is if Matt has any balls.

  19. @Pelicant

    Matt is just a friend. Brian is the son and probably the one that bought the beer.

  20. Fuckin Matt…always fuckin shit up the fucking freeloadin fucker! FUCK YOU MATT!!!

  21. Brian’s dad for the win!

  22. Brian, FTL. Bill, on the other hand, is pretty damn awesome.

  23. I don’t know, I thought the dad was pretty slack, actually. It’s not his beer in this case, unless Brian is so fail his dad is paying for his own surprise party. Also, why would Matt, his son’s friend, even be invited in the first place?

    Sounds to me like Brian is just having a regular party, but under the guise it’s for his dad. Either way, I’m glad he’s not my dad/son.

  24. I’m guessing Matt put a hole through the garage door… >.>

  25. Must say Bill was hilarious, but kinda ungrateful at the same time.
    Brian should take that thumb out of his ass and not put this kind of crap on FB.

  26. lol Bill FTW

  27. Bill G., you are my hero.

  28. Bill, let me buy you a beer. And leave you to drink it in peace.

  29. HA!

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