Friday, August 14, 2009

Read it. Now Shut the Fuck Up.


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  1. that went from bad to worse with each comment

  2. I’m so thankful that I read that incredibly stupid post, to get to the good stuff. Ratcoon, sooooo funny!

    p.s.. i’m one of those girls that makes out with other girls after a couple shots.. its just pure liquid courage. ahaha.

  3. Whores..

  4. hmm…. I thought whores got money for their services. Wouldn’t she just be a slut?

  5. Yeah, you guys are prudes. There is nothing wrong with this post at all. Obviously she doesn’t want to be friends with people like you and that’s why she posted this. She is doing it to scare away people. She making a point to declare her sexuality and not be shameful of her relationships with other woman.

    This is not post worthy on her. There are much lamer posts.

  6. dykes are sexist!

  7. Too much misogyny in these comments.

  8. *takes sexism….shoves it*
    I got told.

  9. Very Classy lmao

  10. they are right!

  11. Exactly HOW is calling her a whore NOT valid?

  12. There was no talk of payment.

  13. Because dropping f-bombs and swearing to get your point across is the classiest form of self expression….

  14. Classy?!
    Stupid Whore.

  15. ummm… people who use the word “classy” are usually not.

  16. “I don’t care, I never have, and I never will.”

    If she never cared about others’ opinion(s), then she wouldn’t have posted this in the first place.

    I wonder what else screams ‘attention whore’ that hasn’t been mentioned in the comments by now.

  17. whores…

  18. It’s so beautiful how their whole free world revolves around them. lmao

  19. Is she writing shes Hook Up list too? ;o)

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