Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pen Palentine

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  1. That has bought a tear to my eye. What a beautiful sentiment. Who said romance was dead?

  2. Typical worthless slut who can’t do without male attention for five minutes. Has brats from other fathers already coming out of her ears, now she’s trying to be a cum dumpster for yet another aggressive out of control male on his way to prison. Do the rest of society a favor, Sarahslag dear, and get your fucking tubes tied.

    By the way, anyone have Sarah’s number?

  3. I’ll watch the kids for your Sarah. A condemned man’s gotta get his rocks.

  4. @Tinderbox- I know this is too serious for this site, but why don’t you mention that Matthew needs to get fixed?
    Why are girls the only ones that need to tame their genitalia?

  5. Good point littleblackbug. I’d rather not have to live in a world with off spring from either.

  6. im surprised Sarah didnt invite him round – big assumption here but i figure these kids feed and bed themselves and they have seen mummy railed by a number of different folk before….

  7. Gaol/Jail it all depends on when and where you went to school in Oz
    I would be surprised if anyone from Gen X and later ever learnt Gaol because of the Americanization of our culture

    As for both of those ferals, it sounds like they deserve each other. He will fuck her then beat her senseless when he gets out of gaol, and generally treat her like shit and she will keep coming back for more, and it will be everyone else’s fault they are like that. People like this attract each other like opposite poles of a magnet

  8. Sorry, this is random, but how would Australia be our 52/53rd state, as we only have 50 currently. 😛

  9. Bloody hell! Ever heard of Great Britain? The 51st state? ……..No…Forget it!

  10. Hyper, thats the joke round here – Under Tony Blair, GB became the 51st, and John Howard (Our sycophantic former PM) wanted us to be the 52nd!

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