Thursday, August 22, 2013

Greg from the Garden

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  2. Greg doesn’t understand how facebook works.

  3. Taken from Curtis Lepore’s Vine!

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  5. Your roomate’s mother-in-law sounds like a whore. ^

  6. I guess Greg has a veggie fetish. Nice to know.

  7. When his mum finds him there she grabs him by the hair and drags him into the kitchen to clean him up.

    And his life is complete.

  8. Sometimes I like to lay on my bed with my dick stuffed in the business end of a vacuum cleaner and my finger buried in my ass

  9. ^jasperk2009 Pics Please!

  10. ^ Noooo!

  11. Why on earth is the pretty lady allowing the ginger to touch her ass?

  12. The Royal wedding reminded me of my wedding when I married my seventeenth wife.

    I’d rather have fucked the sister then too.

  13. I do like the picture, but isn’t there usually a funny comment or something to go along with it?

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