Monday, February 15, 2010

Just a Few Boobs

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  1. ha ha eleven, I’ll go with boob loving women!

  2. Stan, he may be lying to you.

  3. ahhhhh *sigh* totally off point but I miss Wendy’s

  4. and holycrap batman… BritishHobo is a guy?

  5. wait wait wait. am i the ONLY boob man here? cause if so i will gladly appreciate anyone’s boobs that are not receiving the attention they deserve. gladly. i mean that with all the sincerity and compassion i can possibly muster. i mean i appreciate a nice ass as well, but i didn’t really get the leg thing. i mean there are definitely bad legs but legs aren’t exactly a resume feature for me if you know what i mean.

  6. @lexluther… amen brother!

  7. thanks man. glad i’m not alone.

  8. @lexluther and @krispduck… thank goodness for guys like you otherwise women like me would be very under-appreciated.

  9. The first one. How on earth did she thought of nipple-sucking? Seriously?

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