Monday, February 15, 2010

“Private” Affairs

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  1. ben!!

  2. In the first one why does her relationship status change at 2 hours ago, then his comment is 3 hours ago, then every other comment after is at 2 hours? Hmmm…..

  3. Oh Jaci and Derek, you need to separate so you can stop breathing. It would really help me out.

    Jeez Jeff, now all of your friends know not to sleep with you. Dirty boy!

    Megan.. meh.

    Ray, you have issues.

  4. maybe whoever took the picture left the page open and didn’t refresh it, so it didn’t change.. but it usually changes by itself… hmmmmmmmmm

  5. @Andrizzle … Math is hard!

  6. To all the women out there who think chivalry is a lost art, give Ray a call. He’s a valiant soldier dedicated to rejuvenating the withered fields of romance.

  7. ‘I hate to admit it but the feeling’s mutual.’

    Aww. I wish they’d put that in a romance flick.

    Stupidly Hot Male Lead: Don’t go!
    Stupidly Hot Female Lead: Why not?
    SHML: …I… I love you.
    SHFML: Ech. I hate to admit it, but I guess the feeling’s mutual *rolls eyes*.

  8. Andrizzle, astute observation! Well done.
    I fail to see the funny in the piece before last.

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if someone becomes Single in FB, doesn’t it say ‘relationship status has changed from In A Relationship to Single’?

  10. @Elizabeth Bathory: I don’t find it funny either, but I think Lamebooks reasoning is that it’s lame that she announced something so private on Facebook, before anyone else knew.
    That’s just a guess, though.

  11. @britishhobo, if a facebook user didnt put any type of relationship status in their info before and then decided to edit their profile and put single it would show up like that.

  12. The Ray post is funny and disgusting–rape–how romantic.

  13. @Ray

  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^fail^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  15. oh dear! it still amazes me when people post such private things on facebook.

  16. @Pathos: Yes, it is indeed.

    @Elizabeth Bathory: Thankee!

  17. I don’t think I’ve ever addressed by daughter as “daughter” rather than her given name.

    That one smells like shite to me.

  18. Gagged a little at the thought of the last one.

  19. @Spike…I have called my daughters and sons that..depends on topic…kind of sets the tone for the discussion

    Have these people ever heard of private forms of communication? I’d be pretty pissed to discover major life events from a facebook post.

  20. I can see him saying ‘my daughter’ sympathetically, because she seems upset. Still weird that she announced it on Facebook, though.

  21. The first one is obviously two people playing. I’m sure Derek was just being sarcastic and somewhat flirty. It’s false melo-drama the two are doing just to have fun. I do this sort of thing all the time with my friends.

  22. hmmmm my wife’s ex name is Ray, and that was one of his favorite sayings. He is a major loser who apparently cant get it up without violence as sexual stimulation.

  23. Elizabeth Bathory

    It’s slightly more private than a regular person would like their 234145 “friends” to know, but there are people like that in real life too. Yes, I had girls who I was never too close to and I haven’t seen in ages tell me how their boyfriend dumped them by SMS or some crap like that. And I’m not even the girly gossipy type. I’d say, that Megan lady is hurt, getting divorced and looking for some attention. It’s not really lame, it’s not even a fail, it’s a lamebook fail.

  24. @The Doctor

  25. The last one that says “I’m going to rape you until the room stinks” is a quote from It’s Always Sunny. Funny, but not as creepy!

  26. @The Doctor: No way, man. Jade’s mine. I’ll whoop Ray’s ass for her.

  27. Way to go, megan.farrar. I came here to say “Does no one watch Always Sunny?”

  28. I call any of my daughters “daughter” at times, depending on the situation too. They often call me daddy, but sometimes when needed, they just call me by my name.

    I’m only 17 years old.

  29. I call my wife wife. No biggie.

  30. Melancholy43920

    WTF Ray!?

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