Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Not a FANtasy

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  1. Oh god I found Jamie. It’s Jamie Kvasir.
    His picture… the horror….

  2. Yeah, Jamie is quite scary, but take a look at his fiancee

    Misty Castalia

    I think this may be a case of the “We’re just lonely, horny, twelve year olds, whose read the twilight series, that want to make that special fantasy of our own.”

  3. wat.

  4. Misty is 35……and she likes corsets and Deadliest Catch. lol
    I’m also glad I didn’t eat breakfast.
    Sometimes I can understand roleplaying and such, but it’s always people who get SO in to it, it’s not your real life, people, it’s a fantasy. These people just take the cake.

  5. Im pretty those pictures arent actually them… Misty’s picture looks like Brittany Spears

  6. People, read the comments section before commenting, please?

  7. anonisgayisgayisgay

    My favourite fact about these particular freaks? Misty’s DOB is Nov 7th 1975. Her “daughter”‘s is Nov 1st 1975. Those crazy wolves and their retrograde, week-long pregnancies.

  8. Do research if you’re curious people.

    #1: facebook – Ariakan (not a very fucking common name)
    #2: identify the parts of the picture that are disfigured with one that could match his actual profile pic (the last ariakan 20/20 in the list of people)
    #3: locate “✔Verified Official RolePlayer
    © Profile Original & Official” on his page.
    #4: accept the fact that this is not funny, but it is infact super lame.
    #5: gay.

  9. Just adding my research to that which is already on here..

    This is actually a role play group called the Dark Hunters (as Tootsie found out). The appears to be based on a book series called “Dark Hunters”, which seems to be a fantasy/romance/erotic series, going on titles alone (including: “Fantasy Lover”, “Kiss of the Night”, “Sins of the Night”, “Kiss of the Night” etc.) But then the series also seems to have a related teen series (Chronicles of Nick, for those who are wondering), so I really don’t know what the heck is going on. Some of the people involved in the roleplay seem to be actual characters from the novels (such as Acheron Parthenopaeus, who is friends with Jamie, Misty and Ariakan at least), while others seem to be entirely made up by the RPers. Strangely enough, all of the facebook for mister Parthenopaeus seems to be the EXACT same info as is given under the character section of the author Sherrilyn Kenyon)’s site. So either they’re really sucktastic role players and can’t come up with their own ideas, or Ms. Kenyon is encouraging this.

    But yeah, in case you were wondering, you can thank Sherrilyn Kenyon for spawning this particular idea. Maybe in her books she explains how wolves can wear tuxes.

  10. Aw. I don’t think it’s terrible. Nerds need love too.

  11. This is the most amazing thing I have ever read in my life.

    I wonder what he did to make her so mad in the beginning?

    I also hope to dear God that this guy is shooting blanks.

  12. *The hunter aims his gun carefully at the back of the girls head, hoping to get two kills on one shot he takes a deep breath and squeezes the trigger of his rifle. The bullet flies with amazing speed through her skull turning her face into a crater, then continuing right into her male lovers chest coming to a stop inside his spinal cord. The hunters family shall eat retard this week.*

  13. These people are strange. I looked them up, they all use fake profile pics of other people with hot bodies or else pics of them in highschool in the 80’s. And they all like Nickelback

  14. I’m just curious as to why no one has pointed out what I feel to be the funniest part of all.
    Jamies interest are Farmville, Collecting Roses and INTIMATE MOMENTS.
    @Word Pervert, you almost got your wish! I’m sure he wanted to make it dirty. Maybe it wasn’t the time or place. Or maybe it was too difficult to arrange, (because lets not forget he was in a tux.)

  15. I kinda think it’s cute, in a not at all cute in any form kinda way…

  16. Sweet cream on an ice cream sammich!!
    What in the blue hell does that Jamie think he’s doing?
    He just showed the world that he is, without a shadow of a doubt.. the biggest Mangina walking Gods green earth!

  17. I think they were role-playing :P.

  18. Ok, I know I’m way behind everyone else (noob), but I’m actually a little surprised that no one has pointed out that this is kind of exactly what happens on Second Life every day. And yep, I’ve seen a wolf wearing a tux .. weird!!

  19. Are you freaking kidding me? A facebook proposal with creepy voyeurs watching? A shirt to match the ring? Does he have a sword to match the blue shiny shirt and leather pants with boots? Is his hair silky and long like Fabio? Was she naked when he slipped the dress on? What stunt did he pull? If she doesn’t trust him enough to hesitate, why would she trust him enough to say no? Wtf?? Why would she marry such a stupid tard in the first place?

    For being so long-winded there are so many DETAILS THAT ARE MISSING! I need to know!!!

    Just kidding, this is f-ing retarded.

  20. I mean, *say yes? Man, stupid typos

  21. I kept reading because I was expecting a twist, but it was just creepy all the way through. LOL@Wednesday. Yes, they totally should have included a scene where they sniffed each other’s butts. That would have been funny.

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