Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lyk Lame


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  1. I don’t understand why this is lame. If y’all knew Paige, y’all would be like “oh she iz da shit.”

  2. You’re right Drew. “Shes probilay the koolest person ill ever meet.”

  3. “dont ask me if im a virgin or not cuz” I AM FOURTEEN FUCKING YEARS OLD HOLY GOD. what has happened to our nation’s youth.

  4. don’t piss her off – she’ll TWEAK on you!!!

  5. lykOMG a fourteen year old might tweak on me? whoa, not gonna mess with her.
    and our nation’s youth r havn so much fuckin fun partying with betz nd zach, lyk lawlz. HOLY FUCKING SHIT MY FRIENDS ARE AWESOME.

  6. I luv teenagerz cauz there da shit!!!!!

  7. More proof that Hilter was wrong about the whole blond-haired blue-eyed master race thing.

  8. Well Jordan now that’s a little irrevelant. There’s plenty of red-headed and brown-haired teenage grls who have so much fucking fun partying and love boiz!!

  9. since when did AND stop having an a?

  10. I like how she’s 14 (can’t even drink), talks about “fuckin partying” and then wrote HxC at the end. Classic.

  11. THIS is why facebook should be for college students…

  12. Aren’t pathetic little ‘HxC’ 14 year olds hilarious? I bet that girl parties wild in a ballpit.

  13. Attention span of a 14 year old.

    Vagina of a 65 year old prostitute.

  14. It’s way past her bedtime!

  15. Ehh….sounds like a typical 14 y.o. to me.

    I’m 32. The only difference between this girl and the girls I knew when I was 14 is that she’s got this new-fangled eeee-lec-tronic pulpit from which to shout.

    Also, I didn’t realize how idiotic my classmates (and me, probably) were at the time.

  16. Her last handful of lines ESPECIALLY = why I hate myspace/twitter/friendster/facebook sites.

    “Comment my pictures cuz then I’ll love you”

    You’re an idiot

    I hate it when people toss that around… “Oh, I love you, you said you liked my hair in this one!”

    No, you don’t. Shut up. No one believes you.

    Ahghhh people! I hate girls! Hahah.

  17. …Fourteen year old who wont tell you if she’s a virgin.

    Either she’s trying to sound sluttier than she is;

    Or she’s a slut

    Either way, nations future. Woo-hoo. I have hope.

  18. wow def one of the saddest things ive read. that girl needs to get some common sense knocked into her. what a skank. or wannabe skank. i dont get why girls would ever want to be known as a whore. as a female in college myself this is something that truly shocks me. it makes no sense. i def dont remember anyone being like this when i was i middle school/high school. its disgusting.

  19. “I like how she’s 14 (can’t even drink), talks about “fuckin partying” and then wrote HxC at the end. Classic”

    Haha^ True.
    And the fact that she is probably a wannabe slut. Blame the hormones and pray that the next generation of teenagers will not be like her.

  20. Oh Brooke. You may think you sound cool, but when you’re 20 and struggling to get by as a high school dropout supporting your one/two kid(s) you’re gonna wish you spent less time partying it up and more time studying and ACTING LIKE A FOURTEEN YEAR OLD dear God I too am thinking, as per jessie (commenter #17), “nation’s future, whoo-hoo, I have hope”.

  21. she sounds psychotic

  22. oh ,things lyk that reminds me, we were probably as kool and shite as them when we were 14

  23. Translation please:
    The name is Brooke bitch, I’m 14 years old. So chomos get at me. I love to shake my ass when I’m dancing. My friend paige is my lesbian lover. She tells me I’m the shit so I can’t help but love her and her titties are smaller than mine which are A cup. I love kids. And I’m going to be a wonderful mother when I grow older. I like to do crazy, sexual and non sexual things, because I don’t have a brain. Me and paige love partying with betz and zach because they’re the only guys who put up with our slutish behavior. You should know by now I’m not a virgin. I love dick. If you fuck with any of my friends or family you will end up with a nail in your neck. I like to blame my stupidity with the excuse that I’m blonde. I have blue eyes. I love hanging with my cousin jess because she’s the only one in my family that has time for me. Jade is just this random girl, but she is the shit! We have so much fun. Holy fucking shit me and my friends are crazyy bitches! No one likes me so without them I would die. Shopping is my life and so is makeup. I’m a hardcore bitch. And comment my pics because I’m an attention whore and I love the attention you peices of shits give me.

    How do I know this?
    because I’ve been there.

  24. @ wellduh?: LOL You rock!

  25. @wellduh?

  26. I read “im 14 years old” and decided it wasn’t worth anymore effect. Next.

  27. effort*

    sorry, drunk

  28. Typical American

  29. ^^typical ignorant bitch

  30. Love how she spelt her brother’s name wrong, yet he “means the world to her.” And Nicci, you’re stupid. You can’t make true generalizations about 300,000,000+ people.

  31. The only thing that would make this better:

    “my name is brooke. im 41 years old.”

  32. I like the part where she’d die without her friends but shopping is her life. Perhaps her friends consist of each shop in the mall.

  33. Christ on a cracker

    She’s blonde?! Why, I would have NEVER imagined!!

    And she loves ‘boiz’? That’s funny, since she keeps naming girls (Paige, Jade and some other cunts) and Zach I’m sure is a raging homo.

  34. @well duh?
    you are awesome!

  35. She is correct; Jade is the shit.

  36. That_Girl_up_past_her_bedtime

    im only 18 and i was never like that 4 years ago!!! the most fun me and my friends were having was trying to tip the other cannoes on the river trip…. *sigh* :/

  37. This little girl’s parents should be shot for allowing their daugther (or just being to stoned to care) to act this way. When did it become okay for parents to stop RAISING their children. You know…Keeping a watchful, protective eye on them, teaching them the general principles of right and wrong, teaching their daughters to have respect and pride for themselves…This little girl’s attitude is shameful and disgusting.

  38. Can I please just shoot her? Okay, she’s apparently 17 now, but I’m just assuming she’s still an idiot.

    And no, I *never* acted like that when I was 14. Or 16. Or 18.

  39. Sorry, 18. Didn’t look at the posting date, but the date on comment above me. But to my defense, I’m blonde. :p

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