Saturday, June 25, 2011

Adjusting The Hugh

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  1. hi.

  2. Hi from Denmark 🙂

  3. Argh, you beat me!

  4. Wtf they don’t even rhyme…

  5. I got sick of reading them after the first handful.

  6. what’s w/ the 2nd guy copying the first one w/ hugh blackman? wow someone should look up that guy and put his profile on lamebook bet there’s gold there,,, gold

  7. Honestly I feel lame just reading all of them *smh*

  8. the hugh hephner was fail, the whole fucking post was a fail, fuck you lame book for wasting my time

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns is my Huge Blackman.

    And True Blood starts tomorrow night on HBO (for those of you who haven’t noticed).

    And Hugh Napkin.

  10. Good premise, nsg execution. But I did laugh at the Kwisatz Haderachman.

  11. If Hugh Jackman were Stephen King he’d be Hugh Bachman.

  12. If Hugh Jackman wrote Oscar-winning songs he’d be Hugh Bacharachman.

  13. Lamest post ever, congrats Lamebook!

  14. Boringbook.

  15. Levi, you’d be right except a Yak isn’t a bovine, moron. It’s most closely related to a Bison or Buffalo. Your joke failed.

    The post as a whole was ok. it would have been much better if more people answer rather than just Daniel, Levi, and Kyle all vying for some attention whoring spotlight, each trying to upstage the others. I guess poor Levi doesn’t have many friends, or just not many that care.

  16. Wow. . . .

  17. This can be filed under Minutes of my life wasted dying on the inside. I’m going back to my porn site. :/

  18. answered*** (Are the Grammar Nazis still around?)

  19. There’s TWO comments in a row moderated! Wow I’m on a roll! Not only do they cut your one liners out but apparently they don’t like you cussing them out for it either.

  20. If Hugh Jackman was my cock, he’d be Hugh G. Rection. Ha ha. Jokes are funny.

    Don’t bother. I hate myself enough for all of us.

  21. I laughed at Levi’s first contribution and thought, “Oh, this could be funny.” Then Kyle had to add all his shitty ones. If it had ended with the Liam Neeson one I would feel better.

  22. @Keona, yaks, bison and buffaloes are all bovines.

  23. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @Keona – Sorry, you failed. They’re all bovines.

    Having said that, I’m glad I didn’t get past the 2nd “joke”.

  24. tl;dr

  25. If he was a big star his name would be Hugh Jacktor.

  26. comparethemeerkat

    Wow. Where is the funny or lame in this post? It is neither.

  27. No, it’s definitely lame. . .

  28. Joking: Daniel, Levi, Kyle and others like them, have a little problem and I understand the source of it, don’t worry it’s curable. I know a psychiatrist experienced in treatment of Scrubs Disease, better known as Dr. Cox’s Syndrome, first consultation is free. His address can be found on Google,search for: Envy.
    More seriously: Hugh Jackman can’t be Morgan Freeman nor Liam Neeson, because neither of them can act, sing and dance like him. If you want find someone like Jackman is necessary a return to the old Hollywood golden era (Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Howard Keel for example). Unfortunately, the audience of this present age is too stupid and barbarian for understand ‘certain differences’.

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  30. cakeab……youre a spamming piece of shit.

  31. The existential nature of cakeab‘s comment has really made me reconsider my views on our culture of celebrity worship. Like, they’re selling us this intangible product, and we are just mindless consumers who latch on to the latest and greatest.

    I, for one, will no longer be paypalling my allegiance to faux goods that fail to deliver the grand promises we have come to expect. Gretchen Mol, you are exempt.

  32. crappest post ever. why doesn’t lamebook work on the weekends

  33. Easily the most boring crap I’ve ever read on this site… can’t see why this got through moderation (unless Levi is a mod here and thinks he’s a really funny guy).

  34. tl/dr
    fast forward to comments
    @ #2, Hi from Kansas danishgal
    #3 – #33 tl/dr

  35. Plaqueman and Stackman made me giggle – rest is lame. So it right at home here, on lamebook.

  36. i wish this could be sent to hugh jackman 😀

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