Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Smile Stealer

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  1. I hope it was Mr P’s mom that told the student she liked him.
    Oh…and fuck you Steeever.

  2. Dick

  3. Don’t sound so smug teach, you haven’t managed to master the apostrophe yet…

  4. Why go into teaching if all you want to do is crush young peoples’ dreams and steal their happiness? Mr P, we have a name here in SA for people like you and the first letter of your surname fits!

  5. There are capitalization, punctuation and grammar mistakes ALL OVER this. That teacher should be ashamed.

  6. Maybe if it’s an English teacher. But I’d attribute most of it to Facebook talk and not posting his dissertation.

  7. A) Why are you an asshole, OP?

    B) I sure as shit HOPE you’re not an English teacher.
    Unless you were trying to imply his mom was in possession of ‘great’.

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