Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Seems Legit

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  1. No photoshop, just MSpaint

  2. No photoshop, just quality weed. Oh and pink eye in both eyes

  3. Also, that’s no blunt. See the ash and cigar band? It’s a regular cigar. C’mon guy…

  4. wow you smoke weed? that’s soooooo impressive.

  5. Apparently someone forgot that what you post on the internet stays on the internet.

  6. Looks like McLovin has gained a lot of weight since ’07. Must be the numerous bouts of munchies from all that “good weed.”

  7. “Weed addicted”
    I thought the liberals always try to say weed isn’t addictive?

  8. Teach me how to be like you

  9. Isn’t that a cigar?

  10. Looks more like the type to unwittingly ingest a space cake…

  11. If that’s NOT Photoshop, I hope to Christ you’re not using pot for ‘medicinal’ purposes, cause those eyes need WAY more than ‘glaucoma’ treatment.

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