Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Try Again

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  1. …never mind the fact that you can’t have “150% times” something.

  2. @DementedDave, yeah you can. In this case, 150% means that India produces 1.5x the greenhouse gasses that the USA produces.

  3. *oops, nevermind, didn’t read the “times” part there after the %.

  4. Yeah. It’s either “1.5x more greenhouse gasses.” Or “150% more greenhouse gasses.” Not “150% times more.”

  5. also the image is 150% BS, there is no UN PoSt Study, the image is an obvious troll.

  6. There are no camels in India.

  7. that africa picture is just someone trolling. india doesn’t produce more greeehouse gases per capita.

  8. And with ‘only’ 400% of our population??? How dare they! Only WE are allowed to be so wasteful.

  9. I don’t trust any study by the UN. Or any paper with the word PoSt in the name.

  10. Timmy! Timmeh?

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