Friday, July 10, 2009

We Couldn’t Pass Up Posting It. Thanks Chris.


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  1. am I the only person who loves the double entendre here?

  2. Um… I also love this haha!!

  3. hahahahahahaha
    fuck. yes.

  4. i don’t understand what dairy queen was trying to say here…

  5. I believe they were trying to tell kids to yellow until your father stops for ice cream.
    (I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream.)

  6. ahahaha, i love this(:

  7. No, Alex, you’re not. Clearly that’s the whole effing point of this posting.

  8. Wow Elle, way to be a bitch. Go take some Midol or something.

  9. Alex’s reaction to this post is almost as funny as the post itself!. epic fail alexander.

  10. Alex, I think actually you’ve fallen on the wrong side of this funny little insinuation. It’s a well known fact that the CEO of Dairy Queen is a notorious paedophile, yet repeatedly has evaded capture thanks to his charming, cheeky scoundrel nature and his outstanding charity work.

  11. I think Alex means because nobody else had posted a comment, you bastards, not because he’s an idiot. Generally, people who know the word ‘entendre’ understand the premise of lamebook.

    And no, I am not Alex.

  12. Hi-fucking-larious. Love it.

  13. looks like SOMEONE got pissed off at the manager for firing them.

  14. roar : i believe that would be the word DOUBLE entendre…

  15. Maybe it’s just that my head is always in the gutter, but THANK YOU Alex for clearing it up because I just figured it was a dirty, photoshopped photo.

  16. lol @piratio

  17. haha the Dairy Queen logo looks like a sideways glory hole. Oh that epiphany just dragged my entire mind into the gutter!

  18. I believe that this simple act needs to be upheld as the beauty of unintended pornography where the collective consciousness has rendered itself horny.


    Damned funny, and poetic.

  19. Hahaha! Beautiful!

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