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  1. How is this lame? Obviously she wants to move on from remembering. It’s just lame that there is a group for people who forget about Virgina Tech.

  2. Agreed, I don’t find this lame at all….

  3. If it takes you a facebook group to remember something like that, than you are lame.

  4. i dont get this

  5. It says “ALWAYS” remember Virginia Tech. Leaving the group would suggest that you weren’t quite down with the “always” bit. I think it’s funny.

  6. It’s lame

  7. Lucky Jew, there isn’t a group for people who forget about it – it is a group for people who remember it and feel the need to be in a group about that fact.

    Kind of funny, but also not really appropriate what with deaths.

  8. neither do i

  9. haha. this is awesome

  10. it’s not like it was a conscious decision to NOT remember virginia tech, nor was it a decision to move on. i’m sure she just absentmindedly removed herself from the group.

    besides, these groups don’t mean, or do, jack-shit. grow up.

  11. I don’t know as though this is properly “ironic”

  12. That’s hillarious

  13. haha this is one of the better posts, subtle and hilarious… if you dont think its funny… shame on you

  14. At first I thought it said vagina… maybe this is how it makes me lame.

  15. it’s like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife… and just about as funny.

  16. Or 1000 spouses when all you need is a wife (or some spice)

  17. I think this could be only funny if her thought process was, “Why did I join this group again?”
    That would be funny as hell!

  18. i think you’re thinking too hard about this. the point is that it’s a little ironic.


  20. @19-after all the entries and comments i have read here, i finally laughed until I cried!

  21. I can see where this would be ironic, but I can’t see that it’s funny. She doesn’t need to be in a Facebook group to remember the victims at Virginia Tech.

  22. She joined a group ‘Always remember…’, implying that she was in the group to show that she was remembering it. Yes? The groups says ‘ALWAYS remember…’. Still with me? She then left the group, implying she didn’t want to remember it anymore.

    It’s the name of the group that makes it ironic that she left.

  23. wait wait wait. I have NEVER seen an item in my newsfeed that said “(someone) left (a group)”. is this a fake?


  24. @23;

    It’s not in your newsfeed, as far as I’ve seen, but on someone’s Wall itself.

  25. John Players Standard

    Posts defending pic are the person who took this lame sodding pic. Why post it. Who gives a shit if somebody leaves whatever group for whatever reason. The more of your posts I read the more permanent my hand becomes attached to my face.

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