Friday, July 10, 2009

About Me … And Rape. And Babies.

About Me ... And Rape. And Babies.

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  1. Did anyone else read this as, “rape blah blah blah rape”? What an idiot.

  2. i especially enjoy the ‘N LIKE THE FINE THINGS IN LIFE’.

  3. I read this as “I hate women.”

  4. First time I have ever seen plumber and finer things in life in the same sentence…I probably never will again either

  5. Someone chose to keep a child from THIS fine specimen of manhood? INCONCEIVABLE!

  6. i sometimes think poor grammar skills are some sort of deterrent evolution created to prevent idiots from reproducing.

  7. Whatsa tha deala?!?!? You makina plumbers alla over the worlda looka a badda!!! Me and luigi would never do sucha thinga like a post a something like-a this!

  8. “…ones that use babies for the wrong reasons…” followed by stuff about rape.

  9. Deserves repeated punching in the ‘nads

  10. Oh… my….. god…… my brain just exploded while trying to read/comprehend this. I’m gonna go have a vacation in a psych ward for a bit.

  11. that is not english and i just dont know what the fuck it is

  12. And THAT’S why you should be against gay marriage!

  13. learn how to spell

  14. Use a fucking condom

  15. nice use of the word ‘daft’

  16. Utterly classic, but this can’t be real, surely noone is THIS moronic?!

  17. Not sure how this means you should be against gay marriage. If anything, it makes me want to be against straight marriage.

  18. i want to kick this bitch in the throat.

  19. plumbers aren’t really that smart

  20. So wait, what are you supposed to use babies for, again?

  21. i’ve got to stop reading all this stuff and get on with my life but it’s just too good!

  22. He loves the cock. Couldn’t be more obvious.

  23. Wow..Peach must have really pissed off Mario.

  24. rofl@OmiCat

  25. Learn how to spell!
    Why is it so hard? You did have English in HS right? I’m foreign but I still manage to be understood because I actually spell the words correctly!

  26. ok, for all of you who might not be familiar, this is the way people in yorkshire speak, its not entirely his fault, whether its a shitwhole of not, thats another matter

  27. I’ve met loads of people from Yorkshire and they don’t speak like that! E.g. Michael Parkinson is a Yorkshireman and does he speak in that moronic fashion? I don’t think so. I agree with you that it’s “not entirely his fault” though – it may also be the fault of his parents, and his school teachers for completely failing to teach him basic spelling and grammar.

  28. Sounds like my loser moron ex. Some ppl are bad dads and choose to play the victim. Why do they want anything to do wth a child anyway when their lack of education and ettiquette will only shame the child, embarrass the child! Can u imagine a feral scrubber showing up to parent teacher night preaching like this? He is pathetic!
    If he were my Dad I woud be trying to bleed he’s genetics out!
    And if he keeps comparing mothers who are protecting their children from shit dads to rape, perhaps he also raped her and thinks he can somehow justify it by saying she is just as bad!
    I reckon he must be a date rapist! Forced her to have sex with him, prob with emotional blackmail, when she was young and didn’t have the confidence to tell him to fuck off! Now that she’s older and doesn’t want him in their lives, he is acting like a poor lil victim!pathetic!
    Sorry just sounds A LOT like my ex!
    And I am done!

  29. I hate woman that use babys for wrong reasons too.

  30. @ Helz – I went to school with this guy and can tell you, he used to be intelligent and well spoken. I really don’t know wtf happened…

  31. @#30 – prob. a bad breakup!! My ex was a bit like that for a while, he’s calmed down now though! I kind of feel sorry for him, I know some chicks have lots of babies (to different men) to get payments from the fathers, I wonder if that’s his situation?

    But yes, he does need to express himself more clearly & maybe not so harshly…

  32. LOL @ 5

  33. FUCKING HELL!!! LEARN HOW TO SPELL AND USE PROPER FUCKING GRAMMAR! great i need a box of fucking panadol to get rid of this headache!

  34. Ugh, caps. Stop screaming!!!

  35. I don’t even know what he’s saying! My eyes are wandering off on their own in an attempt to preserve themselves!

  36. @ chineseathena My eyes actually closed when I was halfway thru reading this. I had to force them back open. I’m going to go clean my eyes with sandpaper in an attempt to un-see this.

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