Friday, July 10, 2009

How Peanut Sauce Broke A Lease


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  1. This is the male version of PMS.

  2. I now realise that its clear i didnt send it on my own and i’m a bit fat liar cos usually there’d be a phone symbol beside it when i send things on my phone

  3. Quinston McCracken

    Does anyone else find the use of “guff” a tad reserved given the first like of MC Mike Check’s reply?

  4. I guess MC Mike’s manstruating…

  5. Mike I really just wanna have sex. Please touch my body

  6. you know what is more lame than – the fact they post comments that aren’t even funny. also, the “Micah” above this, isn’t the real Micah, I am, and for the record, I think the MC Mike above, IS the real one, and yes ladies and gentleman, he is a large tool isn’t he.

  7. i didnt know people actually responded to their own posts…seems gay. mc manstruating is funny though.

  8. i agree with McDougle. Maybe MC Mike has a point. Micah S sounds like a raging tool who loves peanut sauce


    Don’t listen to all those other imposter Micahs.

    Just to make this clear… I am a huge tool….and I love dem peanuts sauces.



  10. jimminy cricket

    you guys suck balls, i am the only real micah, everyone above is an imposter. and fake micah, S isnt the initial of my last name.

    Thanks, Micah J

  11. Authentic Micah

    Seriously, fuck all of you. I am the real Micah. Everybody knows that I ride the bombest Kawasaki Ninja 250r and once pooped myself at a 4th of July parade after eating to many hot dogs. All my real friends know that about me and will disprove all you fakers wrong. I am not a HUGE tool!

  12. Hey guys, MC Mike here…I started smoking cigs again so I’m not mad at Micah anymore. And authentic Micah is real his kawasaki is sick and he poops his pants all the time.

  13. Hahaha Mike seems like a tool who bitches and doesn’t actually do anything around the apartment. Look when he rages about Micah asking him to clean up (probably a messy fool, which is the reason why Micah doesn’t help him with it when he asks). And raging about someone STEALING YOUR SEAT ON THE COUCH??? Really?? I thought having “seats” on the couch reserved was for kids. Guess not.

  14. haha. i love the last comment… Just add coconut milk!

  15. Fuck all you, especially “authentic”! And I didn’t eat your fucking peanut sauce MC douchnozzle!

  16. What’s goin on in here?

  17. “but I’m so pissed off from quitting smoking”

    best part.

  18. whats lamer than the actual post is how many micahs are commenting this. wtf?

  19. Not only did I eat your Peanut Sauce, I jerked off in your 2%. BOOM…Tutta Pasta BABY!

    -Super Micah

  20. Shut up, Micah! You’re such a bitch! You eat my peanut sauce and you use my dildo and don’t wash it afterwards and you take all of my art off the wall for no reason! I hate you I hate you I HATE YOU!

  21. great stuff

  22. Will the real Micah please eat peanut sauce!!!! I did, while sitting on the reserved spot on the couch!!

  23. “Just add coconut milk”… great comment. Clearly, these two have some PROBLEMS.

  24. ok guys, this has gone FAR ENOUGH!

    I haven’t had smokes for like 2 DAYS OK?!
    you would be like that too!
    Seriously. Come on.

    and believe me if you loved peanut sauce like I do…you’ll understand my pain!

  25. ummm who says “raging”? Ur a “raging” idiot

  26. did anyone else notice how micah says “thirdly” before “second”?

  27. ahhhh hahaha MC Mike = MC Mike Joyce

  28. thirdly,this post gave me a raging headache.second,why are you fighting over who gets to be the biggest tool?first of all,can’t you discuss the great peanut sauce caper at home after a nice make up cuddle session on your favorite spot on the couch?

  29. MIKE RAGE!!!!!!! NEED MAH SMOKES!!!!!

  30. This is like a scene from The Big Bang Theory with ‘myspot on the coach’. LOL

  31. Wait a minute… Bfield? Is this a homegrown Mizzou bout of male pms?

  32. Bfield is Brookfield, suburb of Milwaukee. i actually know this guy he used to be my friend’s roommate.

  33. Freaking. Awesome.

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