Friday, June 3, 2011

Picturesque Problems

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  1. The lack of comment on this post is disturbing.

  2. Can anybody explain me #2.

  3. @yodawg.. Shart is when someone accidentally shits themselves.

  4. 3&4 Thanks dawg,i thought it read “shants” lol but thanks for clearing it up. Very innocent indeed.

  5. It’s okay dawg… I had to google “fap”. I’ve never heard that term before. I’m getting old aren’t I?

  6. CommentsAtLarge

    Could be worse hella, you could ONLY know the self-loving definition of “fap” and have to google to find out what this actually means. FYI, it doesn’t help.

  7. cockblockalypse

    I thought it said shafts…….

  8. Yeah, yeah, urban dictionary, where losers make up stupid definitions for stupid words and suddenly it is language…I shart all over it

  9. What 7 year old doesn’t know how to spell shirts?! I’m sure it was actually some drunk idiot, and thought it would look better (get more laughs) if they claimed a 7 year old did it.

    Fucking idiots.

  10. crustylovelips

    A mentally retarded one perhaps? Or just perhaps a little slow in learning? Or maybe she was dyslexic? Either way, you should feel big for mocking a handicapped 7 year old. What’s up? Daddy stopped touching you?

  11. when you’re 7 you just started in school.. gosh.. dont know about the US but in Denmark you start in nursery class when you’re 6 where you only learn that 1+1 is 2 and what sound A, B, C etc. makes.
    dont call the kid retarded just because it cant spell shirt when its 7

  12. @sommergirl In the US you usually start school at five (though there’s an optional pre-k for three to four year olds).

    There’s nothing terribly abnormal about not being able to spell “shirt” at seven. Although, I do think it would do kids a world of good if more parents would do what my mother did and start working with them before they start school. I could somewhat read by two and had almost no problems with spelling throughout school, just because she worked me. While schools are for learning, they shouldn’t be the ones doing ALL the work.

  13. There really is nothing wrong with not knowing how to spell shirt at 7 if you go to a terrible school. We were tested on much harder words by the time my class reached first and second grade.

  14. 7 year olds are in first grade. And note, she has not yet turned 7 yet, so she probably just started first grade, just finished kindergarten. At that age they don’t know “spelling” they know sounds, they just sound everything out. Don’t be all high and mighty on a 7 year old. Seriously. I have a sister who is 7 and is reading harry potter, but her spelling is just ridiculous. I’d guess most of you have never been around a 7 year old.

  15. 7 year old in first grade? where are you from? My son is 7 and just finished 2nd grade and will start 3rd before he turns 8. He knows exactly how to spell “shirts” so that isn’t a good excuse!

  16. @dadof2
    Maybe he has to be extra smart having to deal with an insecure c*nt of a father.

    Feeling better trashing on other peoples kids? Makes you feel special? Fail.

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