Thursday, July 9, 2009

Attack of the Ratcoon Pt. 2



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  1. easy. Garrett is a little lamb, and we have to treat him gently. no public humiliation.

  2. Not really that lame.

  3. Its missing a picture of the raccoon lunging at him to give him rabies, that would be funny

  4. for the 50th fucking time…

    Lamebook. From Lame to Fame… the lamest and FUNNIEST of Facebook.

    It is Lame that the ratcoon tore up his room too…

  5. steve m – it is lame that you can spell raccoon

    you spelled it ratcoon, its not a rat

  6. Casey….

    fuck you…

    I’m making reference to this:

    Also, if you read the title, the editors also made the same reference.

  7. Casey … Steve was referencing a previous post (hence the “Pt. 2” of this post). That’s the funny part. Read it:

  8. It’s really lame when someone makes a grammatical error when attempting to point out someone else’s error.

    “it is lame that you can spell raccoon” – maybe missing a ‘t

  9. That ratcoon sure is cute though, all tuckered out. It would be lamer if it turned out Garrett was trying to keep the little guy as a pet and came home to that. Was it using a little ratcoon sledgehammer in picture 4? Jeebus…

  10. Can I lamebook this WTFight between Casey and Steve M?

  11. aw, his raccoon is so cute 🙂

  12. I’m really afraid I’m going to accidentally say “ratcoon” in real life sometime after hearing it so much on here…

  13. hahahaha@Matt

    I hope they kept it as a pet.

  14. LMFAO Matt, don’t you just love it when people fight over lamebook posts? It’s even more amusing than the posts themselves. xD

  15. I don’t get how this is particularly lame or funny. It is just sort of interesting.

  16. The lamest part of this entry is the dude getting his house trashed by a “raccoon”. The funniest part of this entry is reading the comment wars, stupid people

  17. @Yo: irony much?

  18. not another ratcoon

  19. lame post, lamebook. try again.

  20. @Ratcoon (blue one)
    I’m ratcoon! You can’t be Ratcoon (blue)!

    Well, I guess if you keep the link and capitalization in your name it is okay.

  21. aw! look at that adorable destructive creature.

  22. It’s not lame at all, but I feel like this should be on the internet everywhere for the standard of awesome it sets.

  23. Too busy laughing to comment

  24. the raccoon it so cute in that last picture! aw

  25. it’s kinda cute…. I wanna keep it =)

    5 seconds later..

    *mauls face*

  26. that thing is sooo cute!

  27. meow

    that’s that cutest thing i’ve seen in the past ten minutes.

  28. I’m with all the people who think its cute! It made me say “AWWW” out loud when I saw it. I want one! (I’ll keep it in a special ratcoon enclosure with rubbish bins to raid and walls to tear holes in)

  29. BUT IT’S SO CUTE!!!

  30. that sleeping raccoon is the cutest thing ever.

  31. I’ll agree – the ‘ratcoon’ is soooo cute!! 🙂

    Thanks for posting it LB, even though it’s not all that lame 🙂

  32. awwwwww!!!! i want one! can i have him? my room is naturally like this, so he’ll only add to the ‘charm’…

  33. Awww, he’s so cute, he looks scared though

  34. John Players Standard


  35. I want to see the pictures of him getting it back OUT of the house.

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