Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to Lose a Girl in 10 Minutes

How to Lose a Girl in 10 Minutes

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  1. That’s kind of sad… 🙁
    Poor girl.

  2. I like how her “face” has been blurred.

    Nice touch. =)

  3. ‘Probably kill you’

    This makes me chuckle for some reason

  4. Yeah, I’ve gotta say…this is mostly depressing.

  5. Ahh I was going to mention about the face being blurred but Fervel beat me to it.
    haha as if it would give away who it is….

  6. Poor girl – I guess Danny is the lame one here (not counting ‘oversharing’) 🙂

  7. What this post doesn’t mention is what Natalie may have done to provoke this domestic violence. It’s entirely possible that Danny was justified.

    Hopefully her dad tries to kill him so he can be thrown in jail.

  8. This is sad… =/ poor girl… beat up by a boyfriend and then blamed for ruining his life when she presses charges? Not much to laugh at here, though she probably shouldn’t be posting this on FB.

  9. how much you wanna bet this girl was getting her ass beat by this guy for a longgg time before she somehow got enough brains to get rid of him? and how much you wanna bet shes gonna fall in love with the next “bad boy” she meets and continue getting her ass beat. im not justifying domestic violence at all, but really some of these dumb broads only have themselves to blame.

  10. ok i don’t know if anton and charlie are joking but if they are then the joke is pretty sick. if they aren’t, that’s even worse. no-one is ever ‘to blame’ for being the victim of domestic violence, EVER (except possibly in the case of perez and haha).
    and to say she might have provoked it? well basically i am at a loss for words. that’s pretty despicable.

  11. did i just step into a time machine to the early 1960s where beating a woman was ok because she “provoked” it? blaming the victim is never ok. get educated.

    anton – i would not be surprised if you were an abusive waste of human flesh.

  12. Omg…are we going to have to start an “even-lamerbook” for people who leave ridiculous comments on Lamebook? Anton and Charlie, way to keep it classy.

  13. Hahaha

  14. “if they aren’t, that’s even worse. no-one is ever ‘to blame’ for being the victim of domestic violence, EVER (except possibly in the case of perez and haha).
    and to say she might have provoked it? well basically i am at a loss for words. that’s pretty despicable.”

    none of us know the situation, so none of know who’s to “blame” here, and none of us can pass judgment on the situation. grow up.

  15. Seriously Bill? A man who hits a woman is pathetic.

  16. well bill, none of us know the situation, but over a million women are abused by their partner every year. why are people so eager to question a would be victim?
    would you question her veracity if she had posted about being attacked and strangled by a mugger?

    your misogyny is showing.

  17. “did i just step into a time machine to the early 1960s where beating a woman was ok because she “provoked” it? blaming the victim is never ok. get educated.”

    Making a blanket statement like this is just presumptuous. However, I do agree, any violence (to anyone not just women) is wrong, the point is you cannot judge their guilt, so remaining neutral is the only objective thing to do. I’m not exactly brilliant at this (neutrality) though 😛 just saying 🙂

  18. hahah fail

  19. Bet that bitch is lying

  20. Haha, oh wow, because all women want to be hit and strangled and abused and raped and are asking for it, and there’s always a story behind every abuse case, just like Anton says! Because abusers all have redeeming qualities in their stories. That bitch was probably just nagging and nagging at him, or maybe she didn’t get a beer when he asked her to, or walked in front of the TV when the game was on, or maybe he just likes beating people up, but that’s not really very redeeming, so that can’t be the case!

    And of course people make bad decisions and many women go from one abusive relationship to another, but no one has sound judgement all the time, and no one should blame the woman in the relationship for getting abused.

    But what am I saying, we women are just all dumb broads who don’t know how to stay in the kitchen and the men the meals and get them their beers and clean the whole house and have and raise the children, what am I doing wasting my time at a university majoring in English!

  21. ha — WS!
    @Anton — you hope the dad gets thrown in jail? yeah, i mean, forget the strangler, let’s go after a dad who is protecting his daughter. i mean, the girl’s to blame, the dad should be in jail, and we just don’t know WHY this guy would just snap and be ‘provoked’ into his ‘justifiable’ outburst. LAMEBOOK FIGHT!

  22. Anton wrote this just after beating his girlfriend. She had just gone out to have a drink without letting him know beforehand. She also forgot to make his peanut butter and douchebag sandwich, so he hit her.

  23. Psh, I doubt Anton will come back to try to defend himself. Anyway, I don’t think there’s a fight to be had here, since we all seem to be in agreement that Anton is an idiot and an abuser.

    Also, I made a mistake in my post because I am, after just, a silly woman. I meant to say “make the men their meals,” not “the men the meals.” Oh well, time to put on more makeup and tease my hair!

  24. Anton didn’t say anything about ‘get in the kitchen’. He just said don’t be too hasty with half the story, and I agree with him. I’m a very peaceful person. Women like me a lot and I have a great girlfriend now. But there was one psychotic girl… We were in the car and she was insanely mad about something small and she was driving faster and faster. You know, to scare me, like in the movies. Like in fiction. Anyway, I felt physically threatened and had to overpower her to escape. Then she told everyone I abused her. Her parents tried to give me a talking to. I crushed their argument and set them straight about their daughter. That was the end of that relationship.

  25. Charlie and Anton are RIGHT like it or not. Im a girl but that doesn’t justify our actions sometime. Domestic violence is wrong but many a times it could well be avoided…yes…by the Woman!!!! We take advantage of the laws pro-females that we risk our lives and some of these girls need a stern talking to. Now before someone comes with a bitchy comment at me….Im a licensed social worker/counselor and I’ve helped rehabilitate tons of victims of such!!! the ruth needs to be told coz it will save many lives…
    OK now back to the lame stuff……….:)

  26. Hahahaha, I thought lamebook was to point out lame things on faecebook, but now I see it’s an entirely new platform to make some new lame comments… this is great! Keep it up guys & gals.
    “Arguing on the internet is like running in the special Olympics… even if you win, you’re still retarded!” Quite wrong, but rather fitting.

  27. Flip, the ruth be told, you’re an idiot. Domestic violence is avoidable, but how hard is it to understand that it is never the person who is getting beaten up’s fault? Some people are just abusers, and no one can read who is an abuser and who isn’t.

    I was watching a show called I Survived on Bio, where a woman was going to pick up her daughters from her ex-husband’s house in the middle of a cold Wisconsin winter. When she got there, he lied and said they were playing hide and seek and wanted her to come find them, and since they were young girls, it wasn’t that hard to imagine. So then her ex-husband beat her with a baseball bat, on the head, at least 20 times, tied her up with tape and covered her mouth with it, dumped her in a garbage can with snow, covered said can in a tarp, and drove around for awhile, before finally coming to a storage garage and covering up the can with a bunch of heavy objects so she couldn’t get out. She called 911 twice on her phone, but couldn’t speak the first time, and the second time the operator didn’t believe her because she said she was tied up. In the end, it was her first call to 911 that saved her because they searched her ex-husband’s house and it led them to the storage garage. She survived, but miscarried and lost her toes because of frostbite. Her head also swelled about three times its normal size, iirc.

    Now tell me, was it her fault for getting savagely beaten and almost killed because she thought her girls wanted her to come find them? She had already gotten out of the relationship, gotten remarried, and was pregnant with another child at that point. And if you say that it was her fault, well, then, you need to get your license taken away because you’re a certified dumbass.

    But yes, Me, arguments on the internet are stupid because no one really “wins,” but I’m a dumb bimbo who needs a STERN TALKING TO so I don’t get into a relationship with someone who could look and act nice at first but end up an abuser because, you know, that’s totally not what happens in many of these cases.

    Also, bb, yeah, shit happens. The mentally ill live among normal people (omg), but not everything can be explained away by a case of the crazies.

  28. WS, you are amazing.

  29. WS, Flip never said it was the victim’s fault. And believe it or not women can provoke a bad situation and make it worse, but so can men and it happens.

  30. smack that bitch!

  31. Yeah, uh-huh, women provoke situations where they get hit and strangled and beaten and all that, but that’s okay because they made it happen. Men get abused, too, and I recognize that.

    I don’t understand why people aren’t getting that the victim is never to blame. Yes, people put themselves in the situation, but many don’t know that the other person would ever do anything like this. It’s not as thought most people have “abuser” tattooed on their forehead, or start abusing a person at the beginning of a relationship. It takes time. Provocation can be a factor but the littlest things can set a person off, like something being out of place, or something being done differently than they want it to be done. It doesn’t have to be something big.

    I should really just leave this be, but I’m enjoying it too much, in an odd way, to leave.

  32. Yeah, and you know women are just begging to be raped when they wear short skirts and get drunk and stuff, too. Same rationale. Hey, do you suppose I could use the same argument to get off the hook when I murder all the people I think are too fucking stupid to live? I mean, after all, they provoked me. They were BEGGING for it. Hear me Flip, Charlie, Anton?

    And Flip, I can’t fucking believe tax payers are saddled with paying your salary. I hope you’re a liar and that you aren’t really a social worker. If so, you’re a big part of what’s wrong with the system, i.e. it’s staffed with idiots like you.

  33. I really hope Flip isn’t a social worker and I totally agree w/ WS. I don’t think the girl should have published this on facebook but at the same time I can understand how she wanted everyone to stop blaming her.

    Victims should never be to blame and the number of cases where females lie is significantly small compared to real cases. Men can be abused too (as in the possible case w/ bb) victims generally have developed a large amount of feelings for the other person before even acknowledging the fact that abuse is taking place. This is especially the case with males because they don’t think that women can be abusers.

    I didn’t mean to get involved in the argument but even though there are two sides of a story a man physically hurting a women is never justified.

  34. Ugh, now people who don’t get it are catching on to Lamebook.
    STFU and just let these posts be. It’s not funny when you have to dissect this shit.

  35. sun1 b TROLLIN!!!

  36. Bitch probably just made it up to get attention.

  37. I’m glad she stood up for herself. It is a hard situation to get out of and i was lucky to get out the first time my ex physically abused me. And even though some women will continue be in abusive relationships that doesn’t mean all women are dumb and will do the same thing. I know i posted on my facebook about what happened after it happened in hopes that other women in the same situation will get out. I still tell my story and I stand up with pride that I was abused but I got out! And I pressed charges and stuck with it.

  38. She’s completely full of shit

  39. my wife kicks my ass

  40. Christ on a cracker

    So he likes it rough and wanted to something a little bit different, like strangling her. Big deal! I know a guy who likes to shit on his bitch’s chest, now that is domestic abuse!

  41. Wow, this is the exact thing that happened to me. Thanks for stealing our relationship, Natalie!

    @Christ on a cracker: All jokes aside, if she consented to being shit on (or being strangled for that matter) it’s not abuse. I’m assuming Natalie’s attack wasn’t consensual.

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