Monday, January 17, 2011

Gettin’ RIPped

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  1. It’s things like his that you remember the most, huh?

  2. wow. this is lame. no, wait. this is scandalous.

  3. It looks like he died in the same form Elvis did.

  4. That’s not funny. That’s how my plumber died.

  5. Not funny, kind of lame, very sad.

  6. I actually think this is the perfect post for Lamebook. Lame gets what lame deserves.

  7. Died on the throne. Goodnight, sweet prince.

    also, may I never ever have a friend like Kelsi.

  8. Does it really count as naked if he just pulled his pants down to go to the toilet?

  9. you’d be surprised at how many people die on the toilet.. i know that he probably didn’t die there.. but it’s still a high number..

    in my opinion posting that is a bitch move… but who knows.. the guy might have had the personality to think it was hilarious.. so i’m really in no position to judge..

    going to go lay some pipe though… see ya!

  10. lifelaughlovedance

    I think this is fucking funny, if that is the kind of friends ship they had all the power to her.
    Offensive? I think not, i hope my friends pull something this funny when i go <3 remember the sorrow or the laughs

  11. I see the humour but… if I lost a teenaged child I think I would be a little upset about this picture being on the internet in his memory.

  12. Just the way I would like to remenbered. Sitting naked on the potty. Almost passed out. Just minding my own business. Yes. That is definitely the way I would like to be remenbered.

  13. Even though his shitty friend posted this picture on FB, I don’t feel bad for this guy at all. He sounds like he was a complete loser who probably contributed little to this world, and died as a result of his loser life choices. Live by it, die by it, Stefan.

    On a kind of related note, I’ve always felt bad for Elvis, and the fact he spent his last moments in this world on/near the toilet. Not the most dignified of endings, and a crappy way to be remembered. I know he abused his body, but he’d contributed so much before it all went to shit. A damn fucking shame it had to end there. But I don’t remember him that way, anyway… The 1968 Comeback Tour with him in top-to-toe black leather is how I remember him. Mama.

  14. well at least he has posthumously contributed laughter and merriment to the lamebook community. he has earned my gratitude, if not my respect.

  15. I hope the guy in the last post i just read dies like this

  16. I’d die if someone posted a picture like this of me.

  17. @word #13
    Elvis, and the fact he spent his last moments in this world on/near the toilet…crappy way to be remembered.

    i see what you did there.

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