Thursday, June 23, 2011

Smarty Pants

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  1. FIRST! Now everybody below me have to stick a finger in their butthole and smell it.

  2. awww man, it smells like poo!

  3. and when I say poo, I mean your dad’s cock.

  4. I like Deborah (that’s assuming she’s screwing with Dina).

  5. yodawg < vincent.

    Try subtelty.

  6. Hey PA,you couldn’t imagine the immensity of the fucks i do not give anymore. This place is a shithole now anyway.

  7. Stupid Ross…

  8. the “no one will hire me” post is OBVIOUSLY fake. such lame posts…this site has really gone downhill.

    **please note the latent sarcasm.

  9. tweetatcelebritytypos

    I don’t even know if I can believe most of these anymore. Lamebook was at its best when it was unknown, but now everyone sets up stuff to make the site. Weak.


  10. Smartypants if you get any higher you won’t care if anyone hires you or not.

  11. Hey yodawg (surely wassup?) A shithole made of your own doing by taking the lame in lamebook and applying it to the nth degree.

    …and vincent still pisses all over you (literally?) Show us you don’t give a fuck by not replying, ta.

  12. yodawg trying to be monkey face?

  13. @PA Well umm yeah… right… it’s like umm,just like your opinion man. Don’t be paranoid though dawg,we still think you’re one of the “elites” here in Lamebook. Must be something you can tell to your great grandchildren when you gets old. Which is apparently soon. How’s your sissy Vincent doing by the way? Tell HER i said hi.

  14. Maybe Joshua just…loves Chicago?

  15. Oh, look, people are arguing on Lamebook. Way to have dignity, guys.

    Anyway: if Dina is really smart compared to other people she knows, I’d hate to see what they’re like.

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