Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Breaking Bill

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  1. Fro

  2. HA.

  3. Do

  4. Ha!

  5. Fro

  6. I had to google to find out that achy breaky heart is a song sung by Mileys father. I actually heard the song before. But I still don’t find this update funny.

  7. Uh, hoshy! You threw off the groove! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT4ySwoh27Q

  8. Que sex joke involving miley cyrus, semen, sheep and rape from imamofo

  9. I think my sexual fantasy with Miley Cyrus involves her dad, cousin, cat, an old copy of the bible and a pet goldfish.

  10. ^thats hott^

  11. @Jonjones – I think you’ll find that sheep rape is my specialist subject. Thanks.

  12. Oh memories of dancing to that song at primary school discos …. the shame!

    You tell him Paranoid. Can’t be having that talent taken away from you.

  13. @Jonjones

    Miley Cyrus walks into a pub with a shepherd and a sheep, she seems a little down and is lagging behind, dragging her heels.

    ‘Come on Miley.’ Says the shepherd who is already at the bar.

    So the Sheep cocks up its’ leg and blasts the talentless little sack of tits in the face with a double bollock load of salty sheep semen….Then they all raped her.

    Happy now? Look what you’ve done, I hope your proud of yourself.

  14. i <3 boobs

  15. That’s terrible in the best possible sense…

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