Saturday, May 23, 2009

Don’t Fret, Bret

don't fret bret

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  1. This guy pisses me off. He needs to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to shut the fuck up.

  2. Agreed.

  3. What a huge problem he has. That sucks. He should really have a sit down with the person and talk it over, otherwise that problem is going to follow him to the grave.

  4. Does he realize that “this person” that he’s no metioning will see this?

    I bet he did

  5. Bret needs to take a chill pill and call a taxi.

  6. someone needs help……..

  7. You obviously have never been in this situation. Its terrifying.

  8. I concur

  9. I swear that douche is my little brother… he will prolly go cry about not going to the party now… just jokes i love my brother, but he is a bit lame at times…


    Now go stab yourself with a purple dilo.

  11. allie wins for using common sense. Bret should take his own advice

  12. omg, totally, Lisa! this happened to me last year and I’m still in therapy. i totally hatee it when peeople won’t realisee thingssss!!!1

  13. Don’t worry Bret; I have a major in learning!

    @ #10
    Yeah, and I should watch… to make sure she’s… doing it right… yeah.

  14. he learned how to learn english right after he learned how to learn to bang. its a good thing he didn’t make it to the party os she would have been sorely disappointed.

  15. Lmao @ 1

  16. What’s a dilo???

  17. ^ #16 FTW! ^

  18. Yes, he should grab a cab or ask someone to drive them! he is an ass.
    Lisa and mof you are babies that drown in shallow water.
    @Kieran: hahahahahha

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