Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Muscle Up

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  1. Holy fuck, it’s teh nanomorph mimetic poly-alloy assassin! Don’t fall for it Angelica!

  2. And so it begins.

  3. Does this Funhouse Mirror make me look fat? And distorted and retorted. But sure adds some bulkage to my package

  4. Suroor’s little brother, maybe?

  5. I fucked Angelica. She’s fat.

  6. There’s all sorts of contortion going on there.

  7. Wow, to think he posted this. Absolute nonsense.

  8. beatusmongous: Suroor! That’s exactly who I was thinking about when I saw this pic. Brilliant!

  9. Fucking tosser.

  10. (OMG! Suroor comments! Yay!)

  11. Trollol sez – trollol believes this guys photoshop skills are extraordinary!

  12. Cap’n says that filthy slag that responded is an idiot, and a disgrace to women her age…or just desperate. His package clearly wasn’t that impressive to begin with if he felt the need to p/s it and tuck it in so it ‘hangs’ to the right, and distort it in such a way so it appears he grabbed the first roll of socks outta dem crooked draws of his. I’m glad I don’t have that problem. I have a perfectly adequate, and above average sized penis. It’s really quite beautiful, as far as dicks go. I mean, I’m no Ron Jeremy, but I’ve been blessed…thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all fucking night, again. Come at me bro!

  13. Capn, I have a feeling she was being sarcastic and calling him out on his obvious idiocy.

  14. Perhaps, beatus, perhaps. I, however, chose to take it for face value, but, you’re probably right 🙂 I love it when people on facebook start shit, do something stupid like him, or air their dirty laundry…You really learn so much about so called friends and family…I keep loads of the latter type just so I can pretend to be concerned and egg on their rage fests. One girl is ALWAYS spewing some white trash trailer park shit….I love it when two ex’s clash, someone whines about some dude stealing his wife…on the other guys wall, or have a go with their baby’s daddy and forget everything they say is completely public…I might have to screenshot something one a these days and share it..but I feel like I’d be breaking some unspoken rule by submitting something here…doesn’t seem like most o/p’s on here even realize there’s even a comments section….or they’ve realized it’s just a bad idea to admit to self submission..It’s like lamebook sacrilege, or something…lol…

  15. Maybe Angelica is some sort of deformity fetishist. That has to be a thing somewhere.

  16. Please. I look eons better than that. And I am not even injecting a bunch of weird shit like he is.

  17. Bet that guy has mutant sperm.

  18. Josh, what happens if you ever take Angelica home and she sees that you don’t in fact have a body that looks like a fucking funhouse mirror and the walls of your room are actually beautifully plumb?

    Think it through, braaah.

  19. Anyone else notice the high heels under the bed and the purse on the dresser on the left? Or is that a “satchel”?

  20. ^good call…or all the lotion on the table.

  21. photo shop fail? What the fuck is up with his right thigh?

  22. ^is that all you got was wrong with that fucking trainwreck? just his right thigh?

  23. I think he’s in his mom’s room – which makes it okay that there are high heels and a purse there as long as you ignore anything else about him being in his mum’s room.
    See how I did “mum” there? See it? And combined it with purse, instead of satchel? I’m bringing these two oceans to-motherfucking-gether, bitches!

  24. ^ That looks retarded. I meant the two countries, but over the ocean… fuck it, never mind.

  25. Mass genocide by drowning?

  26. Probably the best way, Cap’n.

  27. ^ Take California.

  28. omg, he is so hot.

  29. holly fucking shit this is so horrible calling it FAIL is not enough.

  30. Why has no one hired this man for his brilliant editing skills?!?!


    That’s all that can be said here. Jesus. O_O

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