Monday, October 4, 2010

A Fine Whine

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  1. meh

  2. this is frodo.

  3. Wow. Just wow.

  4. Yawn

    Come on, Lamebook. It’s Monday. Give us something, for fucks sake!!

  5. That lady was just using that young dude for sex anyway…lol. Thats the great thing about older women…most of em’ just wanna be banged right and then left the hell alone. Older women have shit to do, ya know? lol

  6. Ka dooga joges!

    Lapti nek?

  7. Richard:

    “gather around everybody, I have news! Ready? wait for it… I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!! yes it’s true! and SHE’S REAL! So we have to make plans guys while she’s still around so you can all see for yourselves that she really exists!”

  8. P.S. No Richard that’s not why she dumped you.

  9. This was dumb.

  10. that shit was gay

  11. So he’s sleeping with an old woman and she’s not a milf? That’s sacrilegious!

  12. I hate when people say, “God sent me” this person or that person. No, fuck face, you just happened to meet the person. If you’re going to subscribe to that line of thinking, then you have to say, “Oh isn’t that wonderful? God sent that man in my life to rape me.” Or, “God sent that crazy bitch into my life to stalk me and burn my house down. Isn’t that tender?”

    Stupid retards.

  13. “she might be the one finally” and “already on the fence about the relationship because of the age difference” just don’t go together. Of course, he hits on two of his female friends and mentions his ex-wife, so I guess the break-up shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

  14. Please be nice comments!

    I had my hopes and dreams stacked on that wonderful couple!
    He sounded so sweet and so mature for his age that I truely beleived that those 2 could make it.

    Sniff I guess it is back to One Tree Hill for me

  15. People, if you’re going to boast about relationships, either only add people who give a shit onto your Facebook, or just fucking tell your friends. Otherwise it just looks sad. Like ‘HEY! HEY! LOOK AT ME! I GOTTA GIRLFRIEND! LOOK! HOW SMOOTH AM I? Oh wait, now I don’t because I can’t tell the difference between telling people news and just fucking showing off.’

  16. Hmm … maybe Richard ought to hit up Chance and see what happens.

  17. Good for you Richard! Getting owned by an old woman. lmfao!

  18. and i’m sure telling all your friends on facebook that she has her tubes tied isn’t also an invasion of privacy.

    btw, i thought they wouldn’t tie a woman’s tubes unless she already had a child???

  19. Ummm … Is it just me or do the times make absolutely no sense? Yawn! She sounds like my Aunt boffing boys b/c she didnt’t have any! lol!

  20. @the swan
    if you’re over a certain age (i think it’s 25 or 35, can’t remember which) they’ll “tie your tubes”. some doctors will at any age, but most won’t before the right age just in case you change your mind (which actually, depending on the procedure that you have done, it’s easily reversible so it’s not like it really makes a difference)

  21. snarkymcsnarkerson

    @the swan and Crapflinger –

    I had the Essure procedure done when I was 28 – found a doctor who didn’t pull the stupid “you’ll change your mind” crap to me (sick of hearing that crap from my family/friends, when I have perfectly valid reasons for not having children but am perfectly willing to adopt IF the maternal instinct ever comes by). It’s permanent and considered irreversible. Believe it or not, there are women out there who don’t think they need to pop out children to fit into society’s standards of normalcy!

  22. This sounds like a seth rogen movie

  23. @Snarky:


  24. What the fuck is going on.

  25. ^ ditto.

    What fuck IS going on.

    I’m still confused about the “Awesome Tits” comment and the “I won’t be hitting on you” shit.

    Seems played out as hell, to me. Fake as fuck.

  26. Meh, not fake, just sad.

  27. Nah just sounds like the guy has a hot friend that he likes to jokingly flirt with although she always turns him down type of thing.

    And I dont find it fake cause he reminds me of my little cousin when I read him

  28. I think the Awesome Tits thing is just a harmlessly flirtatious inside joke, no? Doesn’t look fake to me, but yeah, pretty pathetic the whole “look at me, I have a girl… er… WOMAN” thing.

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