Monday, October 4, 2010

Just Kitten…

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  1. What kind of fat-ass names their animals after candy?

  2. Not so funny. Especially the 2nd one. Catastrophe and feline? Hardy har har..,not, unless the joke is that he’s an unfunny dick.

    Also is there an improper way to bury a dead fish? Like are there certain etiquettes based on type?

    Sorry I’m being bitchy, my husband just left (Marine) for a work-up. Fuck.:(

  3. ‘always never leave your side’? Nice wording, jackass.

  4. Not funny.

    Although, stepping out of the kitchen, making dinner to find one or the girls petting their fish… Priceless.

    I didn’t know if I should laugh, cry, or be revolted.

    She thought he was sleeping because petting him made him relax. She stuck out her hand to me, with the little dead goldfish and said, “Do you want to pet him? He likes it. He’s sleepy.”

    … I just flushed him.

  5. I hate cats, what good are they?

    Now dogs… they always never leave your side.

  6. Meow I feel bad. Hahahahaha – Super Troopers, anyone?

  7. I prefer cats to dogs too Maggie and no you’re not bitching jayne, none of these were funny, esp the second one; I think my great great great grandfather used that feline pun when he was a young lad. :p

  8. * dogs to cats

  9. yeah, let’s all have a debate about whether cats or dogs are better, because that‘d be interesting!

    -dogs are better, man, they play catch and stuff!
    -screw you! my cat can jump really high!
    -well my dog goes walks with me and he loves me!
    -my cat waits for me when i come home from work!
    -well my dog licks peanut butter off my pussy and makes me cum.
    -…….. ………what!?

    for the record, i’m going to play devil’s advocate here and say cats are better – woooo cats! YEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  10. catssssss….. yeah.

    cool, man.

  11. noted Alord

    You can say no wrong, I have an internet crush on you *bats eyelids*

  12. Why is this on Lamebook? What’s so funny? Do you know the pain you feel when a pet dies? And what’s with that ridiculous ‘cats/dogs are not useful’ attitude? Why do you need to “use” your pets? This place is full of retards.

  13. Ah GOD, “always never”!!!

    ::gouges eyes out::

  14. I’m a cat person. Because they’re adorable.

  15. chiiro, you fucking stupid shit! cats are wank!

    dogs are the BEST!! they do cool stuff and they’re just better, ok?

    you ever heard the phrase ‘man’s best friend’? i rest my case.

    game, set and match.

  16. I will have to say the last one is the best, the others are either sick or stupid. The puffer fish one just makes me chuckle a little in that “I feel bad, but little kids are really funny like that sometimes” kinda way.

  17. Meh, I wish dumbass parents would stop leaving small defenseless pets to the mercy of little kids. I don’t want to know how many hamsters, bunnies and goldfish have been crushed, choked, squashed, thrown or dropped…

  18. My cat plays fetch with me 😀

  19. yeah, lady, cats are the best!

  20. My cat also likes to smell my panties in the laundry basket.
    He’s a little perv.

  21. Why do people continue to think “I seen” is grammatically correct? It doesn’t even sound right! Pisses me off to no end.

  22. Are you ignoring me Alord? *strikes a pose*

  23. saffer,


  24. oh, and @21

    most people nowadays have no idea about how to correctly form a sentence, and especially those unfortunate people in the posts.

    but still they keep trying, like fools!

  25. OK, Alord, I’ll stop. I was just joshing 🙂

  26. @ladyrisk

    (I’m so sorry I really am)

    But that smells a bit fishy to me…

  27. @20, my cat was a bit of perv too, she used to sit on the side of the bath when I had a shower.

  28. MsBuzzkillington

    The last one is really sorta sad. The little girl had no idea she just committed murder. Poor thing. So innocent. Unless she did it on purpose and the “sleeping” thing was her cover story. Hmmm.

    Oilersfan! Thank you. I seriously want to punch people who say “I seen”.

    Jeremy’s comment was one of the only pun ones that actually made me chuckle a bit. Meow I feel bad. Because, he still got his pun in there and made a joke.

    Alis, really? What are you supposed to do? Chain your kid to the bed post or lock them in the closet when you aren’t around? Kids are KIDS, they get into shxt when you aren’t looking.

  29. (I may not be established enough in this community for people to trust me when I post links. But I’m a cat person! You can always trust a cat person! So click the link.)

  30. ^^^DON’T DO IT!

  31. I confess to chuckling about the dead puffer and the little girl.
    But I’m a bystander in the dog/cat fracas; I’d rather live with a reptile any day.

  32. Tabiko:

    You can’t always trust cat people…


  33. msBuzzkillington:

    In reference with what to do to kids:

    Yes. And they are a red-headed step child you beat them with rolled newspapers.

  34. Damn you, alord and friends! Everybody knows snakes are the best! They sing hypnotic songs, and terrorise children, and over-pronounce their ‘S’s!


  35. @tabiko, I want to click the link but I’m scared…
    I try not to follow links I can’t read. :-\

  36. I used to love peanut butter… thanks alords (#9)

  37. @junebug,
    You could just skirt the issue and use “esses.”

  38. flush it down the toilet like everyone else Jess, for fucks sake, it’s a deadfish.

  39. Cats really can be perverted. Once my dog was humping my leg and I seen my cat watching!!!

  40. Well, cats have 9 lives. So do the trolls.

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