Monday, October 4, 2010

Picture This

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  1. It would be much funnier if there were the shadow of a train in the last one.

  2. I can almost identify the shadow on the right in the last one but the pixilation of the face stumped me.

  3. haha That is hilarious!
    Much funnyer then the post itself! Gotta love blurring a “reflection”

  4. Hey now, my son is super Gansta with his Winnie the Pooh PJs on. He’ll cut a bitch.

  5. I’m confused as to why the shadow’s eyes are blocked out?

  6. dirtylittlepretty

    we be snitchin’? LOL
    @ smoochies-to protect the identity of the shadow.

  7. Is it just me or has the shadow on the left have an elephant type trunk for a a nose?

  8. Peace on the railway tracks! Aah! Every hippy’s dream!

    And everyone who thinks Scott is a genius, say AYE!!!!!

  9. Okay, first? Toy Story is awesome. Fuck you.

    Second? We’ve done this shit. If you make a Parkinsons joke when people are talking about Back to the Future – you’re an unoriginal lame, retard fuck. Scott’s Frodo.

    Pretty sure last time this happened the guy who made the Parkinsons joke was called Scott. Maybe this lame asshat isn’t intelligent enough to come up with any joke besides ‘durrr, Back to da Future has a guy wot now got parkinsons!’ D for effort, genius.

  10. In other words whathappened, fucking nay.

  11. I love you ladyrisk!

  12. LustyTheClown, your name sounds like it could be a terrifying Horror-Porn crossover film. I like it.

  13. Thank you, BritishHobo.

  14. Damn yo, we be snitchin’ up in hurr, get your Toy story shiz and we be illin’ then yo.

    See, I’m gangsta.

  15. and @BritishHobo, Scotts a dick!

  16. Why, thank you, how most kind of you ladyrisk! I sure enjoy watching such films.

  17. Seriously who censors a shadow?! LOL

  18. retorq,

    lamebook made it worthwhile by having the supposed eye area of the “reflection” pixelated 🙂 It wouldn’t have been as funny otherwise.

    first time I say this: admins ftw

  19. wow! I’ve never had a comment await moderation before. My initiation is complete: I’m officially part of the team 🙂

  20. Don’t hate on the man’s Toy Story posters, he’s just representin’ his side of the computer animation/handdrawn animation beef. It’s like the old East Coast/West Coast rap war for this decade. Real talk.

  21. SO I thought the reflection on the left was Chewbacca…but I can’t be sure with the eyes blurred like that!

  22. What is with these people and reflections/shadows??
    “It would be much funnier if there were the shadow of a train in the last one.” Well put ma’am, well put.

  23. Last one’s been posted before.

  24. ‘We be snitchin’ is much more accurate than ‘neighbourhood watch.’ However, I prefer the sign ‘Stool pigeon zone.’ ‘Damn dirty rat neighbourhood’ would be even better, except rats are great and I would not wish to use their name in a negative connotation.
    The shadows aren’t even reflections. They’re sort of… just kind of similar?

  25. Nothing says Snitchin’ like Comic Sans

  26. nothing like government housing neighborhood watch

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